Request #1158


Request an incident report for a car fire that occurred on June 21, 2015, at the property located at 5831 Richmond Avenue in Garden Grove.

Reference Incident No. G1507030.


Request has been satisfied.
July 13, 2015
Message from Denise Kehn

To Whom it May Concern,

Your request for a copy of Incident Report No. G1507030 for a car fire that occurred at 5831 Richmond Avenue on June 21, 2015, has been processed and is complete. Your check number 532289172 in the amount of $10.00 has been voided. Cost for paper copies, in accordance with the City's adopted fee schedule, is 10 cents per image/page. There is no charge for documents that are provided electronically. Please click on the link below to access your document.

Please note, future requests can be submitted by accessing the City's website at, On-Line Services, Public Records Request.


Denise Kehn
Records Specialist
City of Garden Grove

July 13, 2015
Assigned to Denise Kehn
July 13, 2015
Request received
July 13, 2015


Closed on Jul 13