Request #1146


To: Garden Grove City / City Occupational Licenses Department

ATTN: Public Records representative - Occupational & Sales Tax licenses

Status: time sensitive high priority request * Public Records Request

Urgent FOIA Request for all Business Occupational & Sales tax Licenses with EIN

“Employer Identification Numbers”

8th July, 2015

Dear Public Records / Disclosure Officer:

This is a Public Records / FOIA Request for Business Permits & Sales Tax Application records.

We are a California State Contractor, for the Dept of Children’s Services, and properly registered in the State of California under the name Liberty Data, Inc. The Data we are requesting is urgently needed to fulfill our Contract and Vendor Responsibilities.

We are submitting this email as a public records request for all Business Records with EIN or business license applications that have been filed in the State / County / City Occupational License Department. This is a request for the entire electronic filing data that you have in regards to Business License applications or Sales Tax Permits received by the city regardless if they were approved or denied. We are looking for whatever data you have available electronically. All data is held highly confidential for internal business use only in compliance functions on secure servers.

FOIA Information is to include:

· Business name - required, · Business address

· phone number - if avail. , · email address - if avail, * Owner name - if available

· EIN (federal tax identification number - FEIN ) - required *If no EIN available , the file is not useful to this project.

· Industry if available

This data is being used for compliance & official functions and held under SAS 70 secured systems; it is a public record as it is handled by a public taxpayer funded office - therefore is subject to release under Public Records / Open Records Acts. We would like to have this information electronically in CSV format, file transfer via email or on CD. Thank you for your time. From EXCEL please “Save As” CSV. Do not send PDF files, please convert to CSV. Any question please do not hesitate to call. The data is very simply emailed in CSV format to (CSV = comma separated value ). Thank you for your consideration and service to our Nation. (CSV = comma separated value )

Best Regards


Request has been satisfied.
July 09, 2015
Message from Denise Kehn

Dear Ms. Lahiri,

The City of Garden Grove California Municipal Code requires that only the name, address, business phone number, and name of one principal or owner be supplied on information requests that are received without an Information Summons issued by a District Court or paper proof that the request comes from the United States or State government.

Please submit a revised request if you wish to receive the information that is available to you.


Denise Kehn
Records Specialist
City of Garden Grove

July 08, 2015
Assigned to Pamela S Gillis, Juan C Espinoza Saldana
July 08, 2015
Request received
July 08, 2015


Closed on Jul 09