What is an RV Permit?

The City of Garden Grove adopted an ordinance to restrict recreational vehicle (RV) parking on public and private streets without a permit. RVs include motor homes, travel trailers, camper vans, camper trucks, and boats. RV permits are free and have two types: Three-Day Loading/Unloading and One-Week Parking. RVs may only be parked in front of the permit requester's residence.

No address may have more than 12, three-day permits per year and six, one-week permits per year. There must be a one-day gap between permits and they may not overlap.

RV permit holders must still observe street sweeping and all other parking restrictions (i.e. fire hydrant, driveway, crosswalk, red curb, etc.). You will get a ticket if your vehicle is parked in violation of the Municipal or Vehicle Code.