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Closed 1154 July 13

Good morning,

This is a friendly reminder to please forward your city or county issued building permit report for the month of June 2015.

If you have already sent this report please disregard this email.

You can send the report to or fax it to 866-202-6185.

For your...

Closed 1153 July 13

Current Fire Department inspection records of a 10 unit apartment building located at 11762 Stuart Drive, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Closed 1152 July 09

Police report for a burglary event - Case # 15-9220. Taken by Officer Gross.

Closed 1151 July 09

Police report for a burglary event

Closed 1150 July 09

Certificate(s) of Occupancy for properties located at 12632-12652 Flower Street and 12651-12671 Flower Street

Closed 1149 July 09

I'm interested in purchasing several properties on Stuart Dr (garden grove of course)

I'm needing the public records of the following current owners, and contact information listed so I can inquire about purchasing.

The street numbers are as follows. (I realize in a couple instances they ar...

Closed 1148 July 08

Complete list of businesses for the City of Garden Grove.

Closed 1147 July 08

Copies of the 460's for Andrew Do from 2008-2011.

Closed 1146 July 08

To: Garden Grove City / City Occupational Licenses Department

ATTN: Public Records representative - Occupational & Sales Tax licenses

Status: time sensitive high priority request * Public Records Request

Urgent FOIA Request for all Business Occupational & Sales tax Licenses with E...

Closed 1145 July 06

Hi Denise,

I am requesting a report on incident number G1506758. Our client was injured when she slipped and fell at Saigon Supermarket that is located on 10131 Westminster Avenue Garden Grove, CA 92843 on June 14, 2015 at around 2:30PM. The Fire Department may have responded an hour after ...


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