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Closed 1493 December 15

There are two street lights that are out in front of 11931 S. Harbor blvd. After the sundown the area gets really dark and is of security concern.

Closed 1492 December 15

RE Incident: 13838 Brookhurst St., Garden Grove, CA 92843 (Structure Fire)
Loss Date: 12/4/2015 Approx. 0900 Hrs.

To Whom it may concern,

Peek Investigations is representing Nationwide Mutual Insurance in a fire loss at the above location. Please forward a copy of any incident/investiga...

Closed 1491 December 15

I would like a list of every incidence in the past year or two when the city of Garden Grove reimbursed someone for towing & storage fees they had to pay when their car was towed & stored by one of your preferred towing companies. Please pay special attention to situations where the person payin...

Closed 1490 December 14

Requesting a copy of my home floor plans for my current residence 12621 S ARLETTA CR GARDEN GROVE CA 92840

Closed 1489 December 14

Police clearance of non criminal records.

Closed 1488 December 09

can i get a copy of my public records, i cant seem to get into my own credit report and public record. theres so many answers that i dont even know where it came from. thanks

Closed 1486 December 08

I am requesting, through the Public Information Act, records regarding the promotion of employees in the Fire Department that circumvent the existing nepotism policy.

Thank you.

Closed 1485 December 07

Copy of the incident report for a building fire at the property located at 11732 John Avenue in Garden Grove on November 26, 2015.

Closed 1483 December 07

12331 Haga Street, Garden Grove, CA 92841:

Request copy of any and all building permit records including demolitions, construction, tenant improvements, major sewer installations/removals, and certificates of occupancy, including open/unresolved permit requests.

Closed 1482 December 04

For the City Clerk:

This is a brand new public records request.

The following records or materials are requested. All pertain to red light camera systems.

1. For each "intersection approach" or "approach" (defined as a red light camera or cameras monitoring any or all lanes of traffic en...


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