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Closed 1199 July 31

Request for Public Records

Dear [custodian of records]:

Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting to obtain copies of public records that pertain to offsite records management storage. Specifically:

• Any contracts, price lists or Blanket P.O.’s that perta...

Closed 1198 July 30

Subject: The price of water -

Hi folks, Teri Sforza from the OC Register here to bother you again. Sorry to be a pest, but it's my job!

1) I've pulled "water enterprise revenue" numbers for both cities and special districts going back to 2003. City numbers go through 2014; special district...

Closed 1197 July 30

All 460 forms for Council Members Phan, Jones, and Bui...
Assuming of course these aren't already posted on your website!

Closed 1196 July 30

I would like to have any records available regarding building permits, code violations and other pertinent information for the property located at 10952 Allen Drive, Garde Grove, CA 92840 APN#089-240-22

Closed 1195 July 28

I am trying to track down some proof of the domestic violence that occurred throughout my marriage. I had several incidents where the police were called. In fear for my safety I didn't proceed with pressing charges. However, I was recently divorced and am now finding out my ex-husband was using m...

Closed 1194 July 28

Please see attached

Closed 1193 July 28

Incident Report from the Fire Department of Garden Grove detailing the slip and fall accident which involved our client, Ms. Alma Garcia.

Closed 1191 July 28

RE: 9755 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove

Copies of fire code violation history, hazardous materials disclosure, permits, and environmental records.

Closed 1190 July 28

Dear City Clerk,

May I have the list of police chiefs and mayors from 1987 to 2013 for the city of Garden Grove?

Thank you

Closed 1189 July 27

Please provide a copy or copies of certificate(s) of occupancy for 13632 Euclid; APN: 100-321-35


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