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Closed 1544 January 15

I’m writing to request a copy (preferably in electronic format) of an accounting of all uncashed checks which have been outstanding for 180 days or more. Please include the payee name, check number, amount, issue date, and last known address when possible.

Closed 1543 January 15

We would like request accident report from the Fire Department and Ambulance that was on site September 11, 2015 at Hill Elementary School 9681 11th St. Garden Grove, CA 92844. This accident happened in the morning hours inside the school premises. Please expedite report for the on going CAL OSH...

Closed 1542 January 15

Hello I've had an hit and run on city's property on October 12th, 2014 of garden grove's fire hydrant, the city has issued me to pay for the hydrant and also the water that was flooded, im requesting for the public works report #382104 and possibly any other reports, so that I am able to process...

Closed 1541 January 14

Hello-I have a auto claim out for our insured and we are trying to confirm the date of the incident and the party involved and who made the call. It was reported that the Garden Grove fire dept. came to the scene.

The date of the accident is 12-12-15.
The reported intersection is Knott and La...

Closed 1540 January 13

The contract amount and the timeline for the Palm Neighborhood Slurry Seal Project.

Closed 1539 January 13

Site ownership information, historical deeds, historical building permits, certificates of occupancies, utility connection information, USTs, ASTs, spills, hazardous materials response calls, fires, inspections, historical septic tank and water well information for the addresses: 9444, 9666 and 9...

Closed 1538 January 13

All employee promotions, terminations, title changes or changes to employee classification since Sept. 1, 2015, including:

Name of employee
Original Position and new position
Date of change
Original salary/benefits and new salary/benefits

Closed 1537 January 13

I would like to request all police reports filed in the past 10 years about World Mission Society Church of God and/or any reports linked to the address listed below. Electronic copies of these are preferable.

12592 Nelson St.
Garden Grove, California

Closed 1536 January 12

Will you please see if the Fire Department has a basic fire incident report in regards to a pole that was hit by a vehicle? The pole is in front of the strip mall at 7132 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92841. The accident occurred between the dates of 3/5/2015 - 3/10/2015.

Closed 1535 January 12

all violations concerning address 8811 Dewey Dr. involving slumlord Susan K. Scharr


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