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Closed 1604 February 16


I would like a list of single family homes in Garden Grove that currently have code violations, specifically the property addresses. Date case opened, date conditions are to be met, and current status would also be helpful.

Kindly, ~Aneena

Closed 1603 February 16

How do I obtain a list of small businesses in the City of Garden Grove?

Closed 1602 February 12

What caused the fire in the garage of a home on Lampson Avenue near Gilbert Street Monday night, February 8?

Closed 1601 February 12

Incident Report #G1513103

Closed 1600 February 11

For the City Clerk:

This is a brand new public records request.

The following records or materials are requested. All pertain to red light camera systems.

For each "intersection approach" or "approach" (defined as a red light camera or cameras monitoring any or all lanes of traffic enter...

Closed 1599 February 10

Please see the attached request regarding the Professional Service Agreement - Tree Trimming between the City of Garden Grove and West Coast Arborists

Closed 1598 February 09

Good afternoon. I want to ask the clerk's office for information, regarding previous campaign donations made to our candidates and elected officials. I am looking for the information on all of the donations made by both the GGPD and the GGFD, under whichever name they donated the money under, I b...

Closed 1597 February 09

Our office is trying to locate a paramedic incident report, medical records and billing for our client from the Garden Grove Fire Department.

Our Client: Tiffany Fox
Date of Accident: July 14, 2015
Time: 11:10 pm
Date of Service: July 14, 2015
Location: ...

Closed 1596 February 09

Dear Ms. Kehn:

Please consider this email a formal request for the following records:

An accounting of all outstanding checks to include checks which have become stale and/or have been voided as a result of a check reaching its stale date.

Please include the following field values: Paye...

Closed 1595 February 09

This is a formal request for a copy of the awarded General Contractor, Sub-Contractors List, Multiple Prime Contractor's if any, Start & Completion Date, Bid Advertisement Date and Award Date for the following referenced project:

S-1179A - Striping - Street Sign Installation Various Locations


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