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Closed 1990 July 14

Please find the following requests for information

1. Accounting of uncashed checks issued that remain outstanding for six months or more that are still claimable by the payee. Please include the payee, check number, date, amount, and if possible, the last know address. If possible, please ...

Closed 1989 July 13

I am looking for information on a realty company from the 1970s. The name of the company was Fathers & Son Realty. (Note the pural is on the father not the son name). It was located at 13283 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, Cal. James Orr was part owner. I am looking for the other owners.

Closed 1988 July 13

All outgoing emails sent by Police Sgt James Colegrove and Police Sgt James Fischer for the last year.

Closed 1987 July 12

I am looking for a run report the Garden Grove Fire Department might have responded to as AT&T had property damage to their pole hit in an accident

Date: 1/3/2016 if nothing found please check from 12/25/2015-1/5/2016 in case the date might be a bit off.

Location: 14351 N Euclid St, Garden ...

Closed 1986 July 12

Property Permits Record Request for 11111 Rainier Court Garden Grove CA 92841.

I am the home owner and would like to pull all the permits on this property.

Closed 1985 July 12

Auto Accident Report
Report Number: unknown
Date of Loss: 07/07/16
Location: harbor ave & garden grove st Time: 2010
Insured: juan santillan, peter tran, veronica santillan

Closed 1984 July 12

Auto Accident Report
Report Number: 16029158
Date of Loss: 06/03/16
Location: chapman street Time: 08:06 AM
Parties Names: jorge rodarte, daniela rodarte

Closed 1983 July 12

Auto Accident Report
Report Number: unknown
Date of Loss: 07/07/16
Location: garden grove & 9th Time: 10:05
Insured: tom phan, pricilla martinez

Closed 1982 July 12

12812 Louise Street, Garden Grove

The property consists of two small, 2 bedroom homes. Each home has attatched garages. The owner has a make shift divider in each garage and has four people paying $400 each to occupy the garages. In each of the 2 bedrooms in each house there are 2 people shari...

Closed 1981 July 11

Copies of building permits for the property located at 12662 Kathy Lane Grove Grove CA 92840


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