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Closed 1242 August 19

Please provide a record or report of the number, type and kind of calls for service that the GGPD was responding to or had holding or pending on 6-19-2015 between the hours of 01:26 and 01:52. Also, please tell me the total number of sworn, on duty police officers that were on duty on 6-19-2015 ...

Closed 1241 August 19

I need all Building permits, certificates of occupancy, planning information, zoning for the subject property, fire and building inspection reports, fire, building and planning code violations, records regarding the storage/use of hazardous materials, activity and use limitations or land use cove...

Closed 1239 August 13

I would like to have any records available regarding code violations for the property at 14082 Bowen st, Garden Grove.
Thank you.

Closed 1238 August 13

Hi Kathy,

I'd like to request a copy of the audio recording of Mayor Nguyen's contact with GGPD. Please let me know what I need to do to get it.


Closed 1237 August 13

Requesting Incident Report for DOS 6/5/13. Incident No. G1305219

Christopher Blaisdell
Scene: Lampson Ave. / Manley St. taken to Los Alamitos Medical Center

Closed 1236 August 13

I am inquiring about an updated status of the fire that occurred at 9052 Imperial Ave Garden Grove, CA 92844 which caught on fire on July 28, 2015. In the original report I received the cause of the fire was not determined and I wanted to see if the report has been completed and the cause deter...

Closed 1235 August 13

I would like a copy of the audio tape of the GG PD interaction with Mayor Nguyen on June 18th 2015

Closed 1234 August 13

We would like to know if there are any records in regards to any hazardous materials, hazardous waste, clarifiers and/or any underground/aboveground storage tanks for the property located at:
13896 Harbor Blvd,
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Closed 1233 August 12

I'm requesting a copy of the recording between Mayor Bao Nguyen and a Garden Grove police officer, the recording that was the subject of a closed-door vote on 8/11/2015 by the city council.

This is a public records request pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

Closed 1232 August 12

Hello Ms. Kehn,

I would like to get a copy of the late-night conversation between the Mayor and the on-duty G.G. Police Officer in mid-June.

Thank you


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