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Closed 1645 March 03

Requesting a new business list for the last several months,

Closed 1644 March 03


I am looking to obtain new business list in your City for the month of February 2016, please feel free to respond via e-mail if a fee is required.

Thank you.

Closed 1643 March 03

We have been hired to perform an Environmental and Engineering Assessment of the referenced property. In accordance with regulations, we are required to contact local agencies and ask the following:

Are there any outstanding Fire Code violations at Sycamore Court Apts, 10642 Bolsa Ave, Gard...

Closed 1642 March 02

A list of new businesses for the month of February 2016.

Closed 1641 March 02

This firm is performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at:
11591 Anabel Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92843

We are requesting any information regarding: any reports of storage, release or spills of hazardous materials or substances of petroleum products that have ever been located on the...

Closed 1640 March 02

I would like to request the February 2016 issued permit report. I have attached the blank form to the email.

Thanks so much! - Allison Paul

Closed 1639 March 02

My name is Cindy Nguyen. My parents house at 11711 EasyWay, Garden Grove 92840 was burnt down on 3/20/2010. We are trying to obtain information for a court case. We want to know if the city kept any file pertaining the case you could send to us. We are especially interested in whether th...

Closed 1638 March 01


Please provide a new business list from February 1-29, 2016. Please include what is available: Business Name and type, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and Owner/contact name.

Thank you

Closed 1637 March 01

I would like to request a copy of the most recent Purchase Orders, Bid Award, Contract Agreement, Traffic Sign Agreements or any similar documents with sign costs for finished (new aluminum) traffic signs, specifically: Regulatory, Warning, Guide, and Temporary Traffic Control Signs (construction...

Closed 1636 March 01

I am trying to find a copy of the annual audit we were shown before a City Council meeting, a few months ago. This is the same audit presentation where immediately after the presentation we decided that this company would no longer be auditing us. I am not trying to be a pain, I promise.


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