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I am performing a property condition assessment for the property located at 5856 Belgrave Avenue in Garden Grove CA. I am in need of copies of the original building permits, original certificate of occupancy, any violations on file, and property information such as lot size, date of construction, and zoning classification.


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January 30
Message from Maritza Pizarro

Building Records are now available online. Please click this link and provide the address: Building Permit Search at
(Note: Any available record pertaining to building permits, is included with the building permit online file. The certificate of occupancy will be in with the permits, if there is one.)

No building violations were identified for the property. This information is only relevant to the file information available and is not an indication of the current condition of the property.

To get the correct lot size you would need to check the title report or have the property surveyed.

The zoning is R-1-6 (Single-Family Residential, 6, 000 sq.ft. lot minimum)

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City Clerk’s Office
City of Garden Grove

January 30
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January 23
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January 23
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January 23


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