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Orange County Humane Society. Dog, Dexter ID#A41544128 I would like current status, all available information including notes, medical, outcome information, or current location being held.

Requester: Markelle Pineda


Message from anonymous

Dont you think this is a problem here? I attached a picture proving said animal is in the care of OCHS, but no one know where the animal is or anything about him? What is the resolution? Animals should not be disappearing! PLEASE ADVISE!

2 days ago
Request has been completed.
3 days ago
Message from Maritza Pizarro

The City of Garden Grove staff has conducted a thorough search of their files and was unable to locate any records concerning your request. Please contact Orange County Humane Society, (714) 536-8480, to fulfill your request.

Thank you,
Maritza Pizarro
City of Garden Grove
City Clerk's Office

3 days ago
Assigned to Julie T Cotton, Mark W Ladney
July 12
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July 12
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July 12


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