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From: "Casimir Martina (C)"
To: "cityclerk"
Sent: Monday, June 10, 2019 11:47:20 AM
Subject: Apple Maps Inquiries in Garden Grove - Traffic Signals

To whom it may concern,

Hi. My name is Casimir Martina, and I work with the Apple Maps team over in Sunnyvale. I am responsible for maintaining the maps in Southern California by keeping our map as up to date as possible. We are currently requesting data regarding traffic signal locations and future signal installations across the state. Would it be possible for Apple Maps to receive access to the data from the city of Garden Grove in order to ensure our maps are accurate and we will continue to capture all traffic signal installations? The most useful form of data would be a GIS map with Traffic signal locations, but any other form of this data would be greatly appreciated. I am also interested in how often this data is updated.

The feedback we receive allows for us to provide an optimum experience for individuals who use Apple Maps. We want to thank you in advance for your time, and for contributing to a more accurate and dynamic map system.

Kind Regards,


 Casimir Martina | Maps | +1 (408) 748-4770 |

Requester: Casimir Martina


Response pending.


Due on Jul 08