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What is the code for how an existing two car garage may be used in R1 housing from the 50's?

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March 25
Message from Maritza Pizarro

Per Garden Grove Planning Division, garages are to remain as non-habitable space, intended for the storage of vehicles. This would mean that a garage cannot be insulated, there cannot be more than one electrical outlet and window per wall, and no heating or air conditioning. A two-car garage is intended to have a 20' x 20' interior clearance. This means no walls or intrusions (e.g. laundry machines and driers) may impede on this 20' x 20' clearance. Garages that are legally built with smaller interior clearances are considered legal nonconforming. They may continue to be operated as such, however, any alterations to the garage must now meet these requirements.

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March 25
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March 21
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March 21


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