Request #4252

Incident Number: G1811396 Need a Paramedic Repot(Trip Ticket) please it can be fax to (510)625-6124 or you can e-mail it to
I appreciate your help for billing/insurance purposes.
Thank you

Requester: Veronica E. Morales


Request has been completed.
2 days ago
Message from Lizabeth C Vasquez

Please click on the link below to access documents responsive to your request.

Thank you,
Liz Vasquez
City of Garden Grove
City Clerk's Office

2 days ago
Message from veronica morales

Good morning can you please help me with this case #4252 I need it ASAP for insurance purposes, I appreciate your help with this matter a fax number has been provided if you can please fax it to the number and e-mail it. Thank you have a great day.

January 11
Assigned to Lisa S Guardi
January 09
Request received
January 09


Closed on Jan 16