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Garden Grove Residents Encouraged to License, Spay/Neuter Pets

October 7, 2020

Garden Grove Animal Care Services is operating and providing services during COVID-19, and residents are encouraged to license and register their pets, and spay or neuter their dogs and cats to reduce the number of pets that do not have homes.

All dogs over four months of age in Garden Grove must be licensed and have a current rabies vaccination. A cat license is not mandatory but recommended. Licensing pets not only establishes ownership of an animal, it increases the chances that lost pets will be reunited with their owners, as well as protect families, neighbors, and other pets from coming in contact with rabies. To register or renew a pet license, visit

Spaying or neutering pets is not required but encouraged to reduce overpopulation of unwanted pets. Spaying and neutering also offers health benefits for pets. Certain types of cancers are eliminated by spaying or neutering, and pets are less likely to roam and therefore less likely to be lost, hit by a car, injured in a fight, or abused.

For more information, contact Garden Grove Animal Care Services at (714) 741-5565 or send an email to