July 1, 2021

As part of the City of Garden Grove’s commitment to supporting small businesses and protecting local jobs, while highlighting Garden Grove’s vibrant diversity, the City announces the launch of Foods of Garden Grove, a new program that showcases the city’s unique food culture. Foods of Garden Grove features a dynamic website and an integrated “foodie map.” Foods of Garden Grove can be found at ggcity.org/foodsofgardengrove.

“From the cultural richness of Little Saigon, OC Koreatown, and east-end inspired Latin flavors, to the comfort of local favorites in the downtown area, Garden Grove is a melting pot of food,” said Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones in a featured video introducing the new program.

From the Foods of Garden Grove website, users can view a number of specialty food and beverage photos from local restaurants and discover new eateries to visit with directions also available.

According to Assistant City Manager and Community and Economic Development Director Lisa Kim, COVID-19 was the catalyst to creating this new program.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants were taking one of the hardest financial hits which is why the City worked around the clock assisting small businesses through a multitude of business relief programs and resources. Foods of Garden Grove showcases the outcome of those efforts.”

Several businesses included in the Foods of Garden Grove received assistance or participated in the City’s Micro Business Relief Program, Jobs 1st Program, Jobs 1st To-Go Program, and Accessible Businesses Program under the City’s Business Resource and Resiliency Plan. In addition, the City pulled together a team of foodies and researched hundreds of Yelp reviews.

The City also created a new social platform dedicated to showcasing the Foods of Garden Grove businesses through food imagery and videos. Instagram users are invited to follow @foodsofgardengrove.

For more information about Foods of Garden Grove, contact the Community and Economic Development Department at foodies@ggcity.org and visit ggcity.org/foodsofgardengrove.

Foods of Garden Grove