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City Emphasizes Shared Role in Educating Youth on Peace and Tolerance

August 20, 2019

In response to a video showing a group of teenagers from Garden Grove’s Pacifica High School displaying Nazi-influenced behaviors during an off-campus meeting, the City of Garden Grove is issuing the following statement by Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones.

“While it is of tremendous concern to see this type of offensive and misguided behavior take place in a community that wholeheartedly embraces its diversity, it highlights the need for all aspects of community to take an even more active role in educating youth on the atrocities of Nazism and the unacceptability of bias, hate, and intolerance in this day and age. It’s important for all of us to share the responsibility of raising informed and conscientious youth. As community leaders, parents, friends, colleagues, mentors, and influencers, we can shape the future of our cities, nation, and world by constantly reaching out to young people and setting the right examples today. Our city’s history is built on diversity and we will continue to celebrate all the things that make us different and unique as a model for others to follow.”

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