August 17, 2020

In partnership with 3D Event Designer, the County of Orange is launching the Back2Business Initiative: Outdoor Edition, an expansion of the original Back2Business Initiative program, to help local small businesses impacted by COVID-19 safely reopen by meeting local, state and federal social distancing guidelines.

The Back2Business Initiative: Outdoor Edition will provide up to 800 Orange County small businesses with access to free floor plan software to quickly create, configure, or update their
indoor and now outdoor space(s). This software allows businesses, such as restaurants and retail shops, to view their current layouts and adjust their floor plans to meet the latest social distancing requirements. With outdoor space being a focus for most restaurants, this software will allow restaurant owners to maximize the availability of their outdoor seating, giving them the confidence to open to customers and bring their employees back to work safely and responsibly.

Back2Business Initiative: Outdoor Edition is free and available to eligible businesses on a first come, first served basis now through December 30, 2020, or when the maximum number of slots
are filled, whichever comes first. Eligible businesses interested in participating can sign up and access the software at To be eligible, businesses must be in Orange County and have 500 employees or less.

The following technology requirements must be met to successfully use the software:

  • Have a reliable Internet connection
  • Have access to any Mac, PC, tablet, or phone device (creating a floor plan is easiest on a Mac or PC)
  • Have access to Google Chrome or any browser other than Internet Explorer

For more information on the Back2Business Initiative, visit or call the Economic and Business Recovery Call Center, at (714) 480-6500.