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New Fire Station No. 6 Goes into Service

December 13, 2018

After much anticipation, Garden Grove fire fighters will be responding out of their new Fire Station No. 6, on Thursday, December 13, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. The current and aging Fire Station No. 6, located at the corner of Chapman Avenue and Debbie Lane, will go out of service at the same time.

“It’s an exciting day to open a new fire house, and many members of the City worked collaboratively to bring this opening to fruition,” said Fire Chief Tom Schultz.

The current station provided service to residents and visitors on the east side of the city for 47 years. The new fire station is a full-function, 7,680 square -foot facility that can accommodate up to eight fire fighters daily. The new fire house is located at West Haven Park, at 12232 West Street.

Plans for the new fire station began in 2015 with authorization of a $5.5 million Certificate of Participation (lease revenue) bond by the Garden Grove City Council, not utilizing the General Fund. In 2016, the City conducted a series of community meetings to determine a new site for the new fire station. The project broke ground on May 23, 2017.