May 26, 2016
The current ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in Garden Grove remains in place while the Medical Marijuana Regulation Task Force, led by Mayor Bao Nguyen and Council Member Phat Bui, continues studying the regulation of medical marijuana businesses in the city. The task force will also examine the implementation of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (“Act”) recently signed into law by Governor Brown, taxation authorized by the Act, and solutions to mitigating negative impacts created by illegal marijuana businesses.

The task force, created by the Garden Grove City Council at its March 22, 2016 meeting, held public meetings on May 3 and May 18, 2016 to hear input from the community and local businesses about medical marijuana dispensaries. Over 300 people in total attended both meetings.

On May 24, 2016 the City Council considered taking additional actions regarding taxation and regulation of medical marijuana businesses, but took no action. Instead, the City Council confirmed that the ban against marijuana dispensaries remains in place and the task force will continue to study regulations and the experiences of other jurisdictions permitting medical marijuana businesses and implementing the Act.

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