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Community Celebrates Anniversaries of Youth and Family Resource Centers

June 13, 2017 |
This month, Magnolia Park Family Resource Center celebrated its 17-year anniversary, and the Buena Clinton Youth and Family Center celebrated 15 years. Both facilities hosted community celebrations in honor of their milestone achievements.
The Magnolia Park Family Resource Center, located at 11402 Magnolia Street, invited local residents to enjoy a free event, “Picnic in the Park.” Activities included a resource fair, health screenings, arts and crafts, games, food and refreshments, and giveaways. The event attracted approximately 400 attendees.
The Buena Clinton Youth and Family Center held a neighborhood block party at 12661 Sunswept Avenue. Approximately 1,000 attendees participated in the Quinceañera-themed celebration. Activities included games, music, entertainment, food and refreshments, community resources, a cake-cutting ceremony, and giveaways.

Magnolia Park Family Resource Center is the result of the City’s long-standing emphasis on developing youth potential, supporting families, and enriching communities through the Family Opportunities Creating Unity and Support (FOCUS) philosophy.

Buena Clinton Youth and Family Center provides residents low or no-cost, confidential and bilingual programs and services focused on youth enrichment, safety, community involvement, and personal empowerment.

Both facilities focus on building partnerships with multiple agencies to provide free to low-cost services that strengthen families and community.
For more information about the services and programs offered at each center, visit the Family Resource Center's websites. For photos of each event, visit the City’s Facebook at Garden Grove City Hall.