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City Welcomes SteelCraft to Downtown Area

June 15, 2017

This past Tuesday, the Garden Grove City Council unanimously approved a ground lease agreement with SteelCraft Long Beach, LP. The property is located at 12900 Euclid Street, in Garden Grove’s downtown area.

SteelCraft Garden Grove will be an outdoor, urban eatery built primarily out of recycled metal shipping containers. The proposed project consists of up to 14 businesses located on the 1.864 acre site. Businesses will include boutique eateries, a brewery, wine vendor, micro-retail space, incubator space, and communal dining areas.

Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones said, “The City is excited to welcome SteelCraft into our downtown core and its unanimous approval by City Council reinforces the commitment to our Re:Imagine campaign.” He adds, “SteelCraft will bring fresh new faces to the area and bridge the gap between Main Street and Shaheen Sadeghi's Cottage Industries project. Things are really popping up fast in Garden Grove these days, so don't blink!”
The SteelCraft concept sets forth values that consist of restoration, the celebration of local craft and artisans, and community engagement, which all tie into the City’s Re:Imagine Garden Grove initiative to transform the downtown and Civic Center area.

“We are thrilled and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring SteelCraft to Garden Grove,” said SteelCraft founder, Kim Gros.

“Garden Grove is the perfect second location,” said Howard CDM president/CEO, construction and development partner with SteelCraft, Martin Howard. “It’s right in the city’s center in an already densely populated area of Orange County. We can bring connectivity to the downtown civic area,” he adds.

The development is estimated to be completed in 12 to 18 months. The anticipated revenue in property and sales tax is estimated at $85,000 annually, with approximately 85 to 150 new jobs created.

The Garden Grove deal was finalized in just 60 days.

“Part of SteelCraft’s success is that it has become a destination for residents and travelers, alike,” said Howard. “People travel from all over to participate in what SteelCraft has to offer.”

SteelCraft’s first location opened in Long Beach in 2017, at 3768 Long Beach Boulevard. The development is an outdoor urban eatery built with repurposed shipping containers as a tribute to the history of the shipping industry in Long Beach. Current tenants are Desano Pizza, Lovesome Chocolates, Pig Pen Delicacy, Smog City Brewing, Steelhead Coffee, Tajima Ramen, The Fresh Shave, and Waffle Love.

For more information about SteelCraft Long Beach, visit SteelCraft Long Beach's website.

For more information about SteelCraft Garden Grove, and other development opportunities in Garden Grove, contact Monica Covarrubias at (714) 741-5788,, or visit the Economic Development website.

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