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Permit Requirement

September 18, 2013

Dear Business Owner:

On September 18, 1989, the Garden Grove City Council adopted Resolution No. 7172-89 in an effort to partially recover the cost of Fire Department services. The cost recovery program went into effect on January 1, 1990. Part of this program is the assessment of fees for Fire Department permits that are required by the adopted Uniform Fire Code.

A Fire Department permit is required:

  1. to maintain, store, use or handle materials that constitute a fire hazard such as flammable liquids, (i.e. gasoline and alcohol) flammable gases (i.e., propane and acetylene) and highly flammable solids (i.e., sodium and magnesium).
  2. to conduct processes which produce conditions that are hazardous to life or property such as storage or use of compressed gases, spray painting or dipping with flammable paints or liquids, woodworking that produces flammable dust.
  3. in buildings or areas where there exist conditions which may be hazardous to life safety in the event of fire or panic, such as restaurants, bars, meeting rooms churches, and schools where the occupant load is 50 persons or more; health care facilities, day care, and high rise.
  4. to maintain, store, use or handle materials, or to conduct processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property, or to install equipment used in the connection with such activities.

Business owners in the City of Garden Grove will be charged a fee for all Fire Department permits, some businesses may require more than one permit.

If you have any questions regarding the permit program, please call the Garden Grove Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau, at (714) 741-5600.


Paul Whittaker Fire Marshal