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To code enforcement department, please help, the neighborhood is experiencing an overwhelming flood of vehicles by address 11262 Rugh st. This address has over 12 vehicles including a motor home (RV) parked on drive way . There's a total of 3 inoperable vehicles parked on drive way including inoperable Class A RV (class A is a commercial vehicle not permitted to park on residential). Along with too many vehicles, there's non permitted auto repairs (complete motor re builds). Also with an excessive amount of vehicles there's an excessive amount of people (over 20 people living in what is a single family home). This has to be a safety issue. In the recent weeks more people have moved in, during the day hours most vehicles are gone, after 5pm there's a flood of vehicles. This will be the second time I have reported this address for same issues, for a short time the auto repairs stop, and the non operable vehicles did get removed. However in recent days all listed violations have started.

Address: 11262 RUGH ST
Category: Auto Repair in Residential
Submitted: June 12, 2019 08:50 PM



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June 13
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June 13


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