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Traffic signal pole. It was graffitied. When it was covered up the paint used was a dark metallic color for a long veritical uneven cover up and the pole is a light silver. It looks awful. It so close to the new fire station it would be nice if it could get looked at. Thanks. Any question please call me. 714-271-3177

Address: 12502 WEST ST
Category: Graffiti on Public Property
Submitted: June 11, 2019 08:41 PM



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June 13
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We received your request and went out to the intersection this morning, and saw the cover up you are referring too. The color used is not a City color, it may have been done by a contractor or a resident. The City had recently contracted out it's graffiti section. I will speak to the Supervisor and make sure that his contractor is using the correct paint we require for cover ups. When possible we like to keep all poles bare steel, but due to the amount of graffiti cover ups on Lampson & West, we went ahead and repainted all four poles to our standard color. Now all four poles look uniformed. Thank you for your request, we hope you are happy with the finish product and service. Have a great day.

June 13
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June 12
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June 12