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I recently noticed that Springdale has a ‘Truck Route’ sign posted by Barker Elementary on the corner of Springdale/Lampson. Prior to noticing this sign I noticed an increase of truck traffic in the I know why. At all times of the day and night my house rattles with the heavy dmtrucjs now driving behind my house. The condition of Springdale’s street has deteriorated even faster than it normally does. The noise level has gone dramatically up. Traffic is even worse. And to top it off, Springdale is where four schools are located on with children going back and for to school daily. It’s inconceivable why the city would designate Springdale a truck route with all the risks involved and cost to quality of lIfe. Make major roads like nearby Calkey Vire it Knott the truck route. Not a school lined residential street. Furthermore, the road doesn’t appear to be engineered to be handle the weight of these massive trucks. I would elaborate more but my 500 characters maxed

Category: Traffic Concerns
Submitted: June 08, 2019 10:34 AM



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June 10
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June 10
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Spellcheck messed up part of my message. I meant to say nearby Valley View or Knott should be the truck route

June 08