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In Progress CR-4722 10/19/18 Abandoned Furniture 10792 Garden Grove Blvd

Mattresses left in alley. Been two months.

In Progress CR-4719 10/19/18 Graffiti on Public Property 8461 Stanford Ave

8461 stanford

In Progress CR-4718 10/19/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13002 Siemon Ave

Graffiti on the painted wall on the corner of Garden Grove Boulevard and Siemon Ave. the Blockwall is facing Garden Grove blvd.

In Progress CR-4717 10/19/18 Potholes on a Public Street 10382 Patricia Dr

Pothole in street.

In Progress CR-4713 10/18/18 Abandoned Furniture 12469 West St

Recliner chair abandoned on sidewalk on Lampson Ave and West St. It's specifically on the Lampson side at the corner.

In Progress CR-4712 10/18/18 Trees on Public Property 11892 Easy Way

Another tree branch has fallen into the street. Husband has moved it so it doesn’t obstruct traffic. Last time I requested the tree be inspected to avoid injury to people or vehicles.

Closed CR-4710 10/18/18 Other 12821 Jackson St

neighbors have a rooster that crows day and night

In Progress CR-4709 10/18/18 Street Signs 12671 Dale St

Approximately 12 houses south of Lampson on Dale. 3rd time I have reported this. I have received confirmation and notice of closing the complaint,but it’s still bent over. Is it because of the neighborhoods low socio-economic status? Wrong part of district 1? It’s an election year fix this.

In Progress CR-4707 10/18/18 Trees on Public Property 13262 Ranchero Pl

The pepper tree growing in the parkway is growing out over the street you cannot drive-by and the street sweeper can’t clean the street there needs to be trimmed back. The tree is actually on the corner of Gloria Street &Ranchero place

Closed CR-4705 10/18/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11361 Bowles Ave

Shopping cart at the corner of the property, at the entrance to the flood control runoff channel. Bowles Ave @ Joyzelle Drive. Showed up this morning

Closed CR-4704 10/18/18 Other 10898 Katella Ave

At 10840 Katella Ave, there is a Dollar Tree store and on the back side of the building, there is a huge display of graffiti. It is on the west facing side of the store.

In Progress CR-4702 10/17/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11302 Woodbury Rd

last week on a sunday some one paint spraied on our wall the put **** you ***** pela with a big dick

Closed CR-4701 10/17/18 Other 9122 Joyzelle Dr

There are two homeless men with bicycle parts and bags of personal items strewn about on Joyzelle Dr,, on the North side of Magnolia Park. The bicycle parts and other bags are in the street, somewhat blocking the eastbound side of Joyzelle Dr.

Closed CR-4700 10/17/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 13935 Fernwood Dr

There is an RV parked on Fernwood for many days.
They dump car oil, have big dog pop on the street, littering everywhere around his RV (on the public street)

Closed CR-4699 10/17/18 Trees on Public Property 12292 Lesley St

The crepe myrtle the city planted in front of our home needs to be 'restaked' due to the high winds this week. The tree is now slightly off kilter, as are the stakes. WE DO NOT WANT THE TREE REMOVED, SINCE IT IS ALIVE AND DOING WELL! Thanks very much for your time and consideration. We apprec...

Closed CR-4698 10/17/18 Other 13361 Taft St

The house around this are has a car from Nevada, with plates from the year 2007. I don't know if it is operational, but the car can be seen on the streets in the neighborhood once in a while.

Closed CR-4697 10/17/18 Other 12702 Tunstall St

Resident(s) continually park multiple vehicles right up to the corners of Tunstall/Tiffany with no space between cars and corner. Btw, I would prefer my name not be released to owner should they be cited. Thank you.

In Progress CR-4696 10/17/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 12441 Lee Ln

At 12441 Lee Lane, there are several violations in the garage and backyard regarding health and safety issues.

Closed CR-4695 10/16/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9780 Westminster Ave

Across the street from the B&B Liquor deli on Westminster Blvd and Kerry Street , there are at least 2 shopping carts and a few homeless people camped out. They panhandle in front of the liquor store during the day and sleep on the side of the dentist office at night. For the most part, they a...

Closed CR-4694 10/16/18 Traffic Signals 12993 Garden Grove Blvd

The left turn arrow light to turn from Garden Grove Blvd onto Haster St is not functioning effectively and needs to be timed more appropriately for safety reason. Currently at certain times of the day and on certain days of the week, there are times when the light is set up to turn green for les...

In Progress CR-4693 10/16/18 Street Signs 13016 Aspenwood Ave

Currently there is no street sign for Aspenwood Ave on the east corner of Haster St. Earlier this year, there was an accident with fatality at this corner and the street sign was damaged and removed by the cleaning crew. It has been many months now but there is no new sign replaced. We need a ...

Closed CR-4692 10/16/18 Trees on Public Property 12491 Haster St

12741 firebrand circle. Big branch of tree on the city line was broken off and landed on the drive way due to strong wind 10/15/2018.

In Progress CR-4691 10/16/18 Graffiti on Public Property 8732 Enloe Cir

Multiple graffiti spots on wall facing yockey and multiple facing enloe. Green gang graffiti on a concrete wall 2-10 sq ft.

In Progress CR-4690 10/15/18 Trees on Public Property 13622 Lombardy Rd

Dear to whom may concern,

Recently due to the heavy rain and windy weather, a huge tree on the street collapsed. Luckily the tree fall on the street instead of fall on to the house. My mother told me about it and she said it made her feel unsafe inside of the house because in front of our ho...

Closed CR-4689 10/15/18 Trees on Public Property 10152 Johannah Ave

Tree fell and broke my fence. Please remove broken branches and trim the tree as soon as possible. I don't want the tree the fall on anyone.

Closed CR-4688 10/15/18 Abandoned Furniture 9761 Crosby Ave

There are a lot of abandoned furniture in the alley behind my house. This is not safe. Please send someone to pickup as soon as you can. Thank you so much.

In Progress CR-4687 10/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11001 Woodbury Rd

Please remove the white graffiti on the wall. It is located on Woodbury and Euclid.

Closed CR-4686 10/15/18 Other 9386 Meridian Ln

Hello i live in 9409 meridian lane garden grove ca 92841, i have seen an infestations of large rats crawling on walls and some wondering in my back yard its there a way traps can be place to prevent illnes i always keep my yard clean but they still present. Thank you

In Progress CR-4685 10/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13251 Newland St Apt 14

Graffiti on the overpass of Newland street. I reported it before. it is way up under the freeway. Travelling north on Newland, it is right before you go under the 22frwy overpass.

In Progress CR-4684 10/15/18 Trees on Public Property 5482 Santa Barbara Ave

Tree in power lines. Would like tree trimmed.

In Progress CR-4683 10/15/18 Trees on Public Property 12665 Magnolia St

overgrown tree causing interference with bus servicing stop

Closed CR-4682 10/14/18 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 11872 Turquoise St

I have a "Hoarder" next door to my house. His address is 11872 Turquoise St, Garden Grove.
He has been adding junk to his garage for the past several years BUT now he has filled up both sides of his house from front to back. Now he has been adding a lot of junk to the front of the garage on the ...

In Progress CR-4681 10/14/18 Other 11971 Valley View St

1) There are advertising signs mounted in the palm trees in the landscaping at Von's 11861 Valley View at the entrance to Von's parking area. 2) There are also advertising signs mounted in the palm trees in the landscaping at the NE corner of Valley View and Chapman where Walgreen's pharmacy is...

Closed CR-4680 10/14/18 Other 12271 Terry Cir

Possible coyote attack on cat, cat is dead on our lawn and been waiting for clean up if at all possible

In Progress CR-4679 10/14/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 12112 Faye Ave

Inoperable vehicle involved in car accident facing the street and not covered.

Closed CR-4678 10/14/18 Street Signs 13471 Roxey Dr

Regarding previous order number CR-4521: Only the two stops signs at Roxey and Trask had flags removed. The two 'warning to prepare to stop' signs still have skeletal flags that need removing.
Thank you.

Closed CR-4677 10/14/18 Abandoned Furniture 13401 Cypress St

Abandoned mattress and shopping cart. Multiple day here.

Closed CR-4676 10/13/18 Sewer 8500 Robinet Ln

Water from the sewer system flow back into the house

In Progress CR-4675 10/13/18 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 13421 Roxey Dr

There are multiple, multiple, houses in this area that do not maintain their yards. I cannot specifically give you one address or a picture because there are so many. Besides the fact they dont keep up their yards they also don't clean up the trash either. Specifically it's the areas between C...

Closed CR-4674 10/12/18 Other 8301 Lampson Ave Apt 3

Please repair/replace bent stop sign at the corner of Lampson and Arrowhead. thank you.

Closed CR-4673 10/12/18 Business in Residential Zone 12571 Valley View St

Food vendor carts

Closed CR-4672 10/12/18 Other 10742 Dorothy Ave

There has been a car that has been parking around the neighborhood for the past couple weeks. The truck has plates from Nevada, but the sticker for registration is from the year 2007.

Closed CR-4671 10/12/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 13201 Coleman Pl

There are two vehicles parked on 13201 Coleman Place, Garden Grove for over a year. You can see one SUV has flat tires. The owners haven't done anything to get these vehicles in operation. Both vehicles need to be removed from the street. The run down/non-operation vehicles are the first thin...

Closed CR-4670 10/12/18 Street Signs 12202 Garden Grove Blvd

The no parking anytime sign his lost it’s color. Makes it hard to recognize can you please replace it. It’s by the donut shop

Closed CR-4669 10/12/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12391 Pearce St

Sidewalk is a mess and trash needs to be cleaned up

Closed CR-4668 10/12/18 Other 11151 Dallas Dr

These people NEVER take in their garbage cans. They are ALWAYS in the street. 11051 Dallas Dr.
There are many code violations in my neighborhood. Junk cars in driveways, trash on properties, etc. used to be a nice neighborhood. 11081 also an eyesore. Trash on side of house and in driveway. If ...

In Progress CR-4667 10/12/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12371 Pearce St

Graffiti on west painted block wall

In Progress CR-4666 10/12/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 15201 Starboard St

The sidewalk in front and on the side of my house is damaged by the roots of the two pine trees. My family members as wells as the neighbor have tripped because of the damaged side walk. Also, damaged side walk is a good shelter for roaches and rats. Please see the attached photos.

In Progress CR-4665 10/12/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13155 Yockey St

Spray paint on the block wall on the west side of Yockey.

In Progress CR-4664 10/12/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12542 Cardinal Ave

Graffiti on the street's side-walk.

In Progress CR-4663 10/12/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11940 Trask Ave

Graffiti on the concrete wall of the 22 Freeway existing ramp leadingHarbor Blvd.

Closed CR-4662 10/11/18 Other 9756 Westminster Ave

9746 Westminster, at the southwest corner of Westminster and Kerry, there is a homeless person(s) camped out next to the medical clinic. It started out as one person, now it seems more have joined the camp. Can the community police representative or police come out and help this person? Home...

Closed CR-4661 10/11/18 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 13022 Tiller Ave

To much storage junk in front yard, cars always parked on the grass

In Progress CR-4660 10/11/18 Park Maintenance 12012 St Mark St

Glass on the play structure.

In Progress CR-4659 10/11/18 Park Maintenance 12001 St Mark St

Broken glass on the playground structure. It’s veey dangerous for children.

received CR-4658 10/11/18 Non-permitted construction and alterations 11142 Stratford Way

Illegal stairs going to attic & attic convert it into bedrooms and bathrooms. Walls with no permits all throughout the house. Illegal private studio with no permit on right side of property. Truck in Front of property never moves.

Closed CR-4657 10/11/18 Other 12731 Brookhurst St

what is the leaf blowing laws for my area of garden grove ? garners were using a blower next to our complex and d
all dust
what is the law on leaf blowers in garden grove garners
are using it to close to my house

In Progress CR-4656 10/11/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10279 Westminster Ave

Shopping cart

In Progress CR-4655 10/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10359 Westminster Ave

Gang graffiti

In Progress CR-4654 10/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13751 Bowen St

BLUE spray paint graffiti on side walk.

Closed CR-4653 10/11/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 9035 Marchand Ave

The branches of the tree are overhanging on the sidewalk which makes it impossible for the people to use it.

Closed CR-4652 10/10/18 Other 12322 Granite Pl

Water meter cover cracked,needs to be replaced

In Progress CR-4651 10/10/18 Other 12342 Brookhurst St

There has been an over bearing smell of trash coming from the trash bin located in the Sea Food Restaurants rear property. I have personally closed the trash bin only to have the kitchen personnel at this restaurant open it up time and time again. I talked to one of the kitchen staff but they se...

Closed CR-4650 10/10/18 Other 13201 Balboa Ave

There are several parked and unused cars in Balboa Ave and Laguna Street. It's been more than 72 hours and these cars are not moved or used.

Balboa Ave
3LRG999 Toyota Corolla
5T34759 pick up truck
5YZR965 Chevy


Closed CR-4649 10/10/18 Other 11091 Wakefield Ave

Please add street lights to this neighborhood. We have no street lights. We live here, and see multiple homeless people coming from Stoddard park at night. Sometimes they look inside vehicles. Since it’s really dark out it’s hard to see anything. It’s unsafe. We have children in this neighborhood.

Closed CR-4648 10/10/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 13931 Fernwood Dr

-There is a big RV parked on the Fernwood street several day, sometime they ran all kind of electrical wire from their house to connect to the RV.
-This is not safe for us to have a walk.
-They need to park the RV on their property instead of the city street, it make more difficult for us to ha...

Closed CR-4647 10/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 15131 Starboard St

15131 Starboard Street has had a couch in the parkway for over a month. There appears to be no plan for disposal of the furniture.

Closed CR-4646 10/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 13672 Erin St

on Erin St just north of Teal ave there is a couch that has been there since June, also across the street there is a TV next to telephone pole since August.
can you please arrange to pick this garbage up.
Thank You Very Much.

Closed CR-4645 10/09/18 Other 11701 Lampson Ave

Between 3:15 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. this afternoon (10/09/18) I observe a young male on a bicycle stop his bike at the end of my front door walk-way,lay down his bike, take a back-pack off back of bike, unzip it and then dash up onto my porch with backpack and open my mail box ( my mailbox lid was d...

received CR-4644 10/09/18 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 9782 Central Ave

The neighbor at this address has a "dirt" front yard and also has an RV/motor home parked on the yard. There are several other "dirt" yards along this section of Central Ave.

Closed CR-4643 10/09/18 Other 12925 Brookhurst Way

trash in street for two months not been swept in a while
also same sidewalk has trash, weeds growing all around, fencing has graffitti

In Progress CR-4642 10/09/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 11022 Flynn Ln

11002 Flynn Ave has a couple and children living in the garage and in unsafe conditions are drinking alcohol at nights and are loud I have talked to the owner and he has no change please help with this issue before it gets worse and thank you

In Progress CR-4641 10/08/18 Abandoned Furniture 12841 Woodland Ln

The alley between Lemonwood and Woodland is full of furniture and refrigerators. I believe there is also a TV. Can someone please pick this debris up?

Closed CR-4640 10/08/18 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 11761 Garden Grove Blvd Apt C

Various properties:
1. GG Blvd and Lemonwood - private home
2. Lemonwood & Homestead
3 2 properties on Lemonwood
4. Stanford & Lemonwood
There may be properties on Woodland also

I have lived in this neighborhood for 66 years and the above properties bring down the whole tract. There...

Closed CR-4639 10/08/18 Abandoned Furniture 10842 Katella Ave

Abandoned couches in the parking lot behind Cairo Restaurant and Dollar Tree. Homeless subjects have set up camp as well and are hanging out on the couches. Also other furniture like doors and stuff there.

In Progress CR-4638 10/08/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12971 Bolivar Cir

Large graffiti on the painted wooden fence facing Fairview st

Closed CR-4637 10/08/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 13321 Blue Spruce Ave

Your rep came out to inspect my raised sidewalk at 13302. Blue Spruce Ave about a month ago. He indicated the raised section would be replaced. Wondering what the status of that is???

Closed CR-4636 10/07/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit Use map below to locate the closest address to the issue...

@11081 Stratford Dr., Garden Grove, CA 92840

Closed CR-4635 10/07/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 10898 Katella Ave

@11081 Stratford Dr., Garden Grove, CA 92840

Closed CR-4634 10/07/18 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 13022 Tiller Ave

the Front yard of this property look really bad because they have a lot of junk also they have a canopy for a least 6 month to protect one of the cars that they rarely move that make our neighborhood look really bad I hope the city can do something ( also cars parked on unpaved surfaced) PLEASE I...

Closed CR-4633 10/07/18 Other 11869 Brookhaven Cir

Mailboxes were broken into. The 1st set of group boxes as you enter the complex to your right.

Brookhaven Place condo/townhome complex

I live in the condo
11896 Brookhaven St
GG Ca 92840

My mailbox is #7

Closed CR-4632 10/07/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 13512 Clinton St

To whom it may concern
Under the attached photo is show in that property they got violation code for garage converted to living area illegally. Base on information i know they have 2 bedroom,1 bathroom, 1 laundry room , 1 unsafety kitchen inside . The owner they rent that property to the tenant...

In Progress CR-4631 10/07/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 13351 Cypress St

Costco shopping cart abandoned

Closed CR-4630 10/07/18 Business in Residential Zone 11442 Larkin Dr

There are 6 men and two women, two children (maybe more) living in this single family home at 11442 Larkin Drive. They are operating a landscaping business out of the house and the male occupants are the workers! They have three landscaping trucks, 6 trucks in total and a trailer that are used fo...

Closed CR-4629 10/07/18 Business in Residential Zone 11442 Larkin Dr

There are 6 men and two women, two children (maybe more) living in this single family home at 11442 Larkin Drive. They are operating a landscaping business out of the house and the male occupants are the workers! They have three landscaping trucks, 6 trucks in total and a trailer that are used fo...

Closed CR-4628 10/06/18 Park Maintenance 7077 Chapman Ave

I want to address concerns about the Chapman “sports” complex. First, the new bathrooms that were added by the baseball fields need to be accessible at all times the complex is open for use and certainly on the weekends. Why would anyone be forced to use a disgusting unclean port-a-potty when ...

Closed CR-4627 10/06/18 Other 7007 Lampson Ave

I reported a fraudilemt lawsuit sgint city last week regarding a fall on lampson by s Victoria Hubert I saw her drink 4-5=cocktails. Within 90 min of the fall.
I'll me if u want more specifics
714 235 2797
Mike Cooper

Closed CR-4626 10/06/18 Trees on Public Property 6741 Anthony Ave

The tree at our driveway on Palomar is loaded with termites on the street side of the tree between 3' and 6'.

Closed CR-4625 10/06/18 Other 10866 Westminster Ave # 4

There is an RV at Fernwood/10892 Ranney that is likely being used as a residence. There is a dog tied up outside when I walk in the morning. I met the man this morning but only got the dog's name, Lucky. Sweet dog, but this looks like a squatter to me.

Closed CR-4624 10/06/18 Coyote Sighting 11121 Vinevale St

Neighbors 🐕 was attacked and killed by coyotes

Closed CR-4623 10/06/18 Coyote Sighting 9002 Rosanna Ave

Neighbors did was killed last night by 2 cayoties

Closed CR-4622 10/05/18 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 11741 Bartlett St

test 2

Closed CR-4620 10/05/18 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 12841 Flower St

issue here -test

In Progress CR-4619 10/05/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12015 Euclid St

Graffiti on the Walgreens building by the side of drive thru

Closed CR-4618 10/04/18 Traffic Signals 12002 Chapman Ave

The push button to activate the walk signal to cross from the Northeast corner to the Northwest corner of Chapman Ave. & West St. does not work. It has not worked for more that a month.

In Progress CR-4617 10/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12231 Anzio St

graffiti on wall. large- multi color

In Progress CR-4616 10/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12262 Anzio St

graffiti on stop sign

In Progress CR-4615 10/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13271 Greentree Ave

graffiti on wall. large- gold paint

Closed CR-4614 10/03/18 Select an issue category... 9412 Luders Ave

A white Ford F150 has been parking on the street by the curb (in front of 9412 Luders Ave, G.G.,CA) since Monday Sept 24, and it has not moved. Please send someone to check it out.


Closed CR-4613 10/03/18 Environmental Services 13312 Adland St

Running a business out of a home. Saws and routers. Going on now 4PM. THIRD REQUEST PLEASE. Not a cable company.