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List of Requests (100)

# Submitted Category Address Description
In Progress CR-9245 01/27/20 Abandoned Furniture CHOISSER RD / LAMPSON AVE

Mattress dumped on sidewalk. It's on the Lampson side.

In Progress CR-9238 01/26/20 Abandoned Furniture 6222 CHAPMAN AVE

Somebody dumped a matress on the street in front of my residence.

In Progress CR-9229 01/25/20 Abandoned Furniture 11661 WEST ST

Sofa in front of the house for the last year

In Progress CR-9228 01/25/20 Abandoned Furniture 11942 SAMUEL DR

A desk was dumped on the street by my house

In Progress CR-9224 01/25/20 Graffiti on Public Property CYPRESS ST / IMPERIAL AVE

Usual LMS on curb

Closed CR-9222 01/25/20 Graffiti on Public Property BROOKHURST ST / CHAPMAN AVE

Grafitti on signs and city water units on sidewalk. On side of street with Korean BBQ

In Progress CR-9221 01/24/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10741 WESTMINSTER AVE

5 Shopping carts on Trask side of Dr Mary Tran building which is most likely due to recycling trailer business near.

Closed CR-9220 01/24/20 Abandoned Furniture 12491 VALLEY VIEW ST

Abandoned table and other items in parking lot on S. Side of Rite Aid. Looks like someone dumped their trash.

In Progress CR-9213 01/24/20 Abandoned Furniture PALMWOOD DR / TIBBS CIR

CR—9152 was close because WO was completed but if you notice from the time of creation and time of closed of work order was very fast but guess what items are still in the alley Work order are just been close with out doing the work. Can some one please take a look at this.

In Progress CR-9212 01/23/20 Abandoned Furniture 12700 JOSEPHINE ST

2 piece couch sectional dump in front.

Closed CR-9208 01/23/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / HASTER ST

Graffiti on electrical box

In Progress CR-9205 01/23/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts EUCLID ST / WOODBURY RD

Please remove the red shopping cart on the side walk.

Closed CR-9204 01/23/20 Auto Repair in Residential 13121 WILSON ST

There are vehicles being repaired weekly, at this apartment complex. The constant noise of the machines and drills is becoming a disturbance to the neighborhood. Just last week they were sanding down just the shell of a vehicle and repainting another all on the driveway. This has been going on...

Closed CR-9202 01/23/20 Traffic Concerns LEDA LN / TRASK AVE

Someone was run over on 1/22/2020 while crossing that crosswalk. This is the concern someone had January 14, 2020 02:14 PM, Request CR-9097. Is the city now going to do something? Do we need to have horrible accidents happen for change to occur?

In Progress CR-9201 01/23/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 6361 SANTA CATALINA AVE

I Joe believe that I have a mold and insect infestation in the bedroom that I rent

Closed CR-9200 01/22/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9342 MAYRENE DR

Apt 1 Mold growing on closet walls bedroom Walls. Just want to make sure that this is resolved before another tenant moves in. My mom before she passed had all the symptoms of Mold toxicity

Closed CR-9199 01/22/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12072 SAPPHIRE ST

There is graffiti on my property wall that faces the main st of Springdale and Vanguard st.

Closed CR-9198 01/22/20 Abandoned Furniture LOMBARDY RD / WOODBURY RD

Please pick up the mattress.

In Progress CR-9197 01/22/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts GARY ST / PATRICIA DR

Shopping cart on corner of Gary & Patricia

In Progress CR-9196 01/22/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 9782 DAKOTA AVE

Clothing collection bin across the street (this is a corner house, bin is on Kerry St)

Closed CR-9195 01/22/20 Graffiti on Public Property 9782 RUSSELL AVE

Wall on east side of property (Kerry St this is a corner house) and the banner across the street from there still on Kerry St.

In Progress CR-9194 01/22/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12712 ASPENWOOD LN

Rooster at this residence. Crowing starting at 4 am and continues throughout the day.

In Progress CR-9193 01/22/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 13141 ADLAND ST

Hello I current live in a private owned apartment unit all the apartments owned by this person have not been remodeled in over 20 years and they are falling apart. I'm afraid that mold toxins are in out current homes and not only for our safety but most importantly for our childrens safety these ...

In Progress CR-9192 01/22/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 11852 OLD FASHION WAY

Canopy used as carport. Unsecured structure.

In Progress CR-9191 01/22/20 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 6521 STANFORD AVE

overgrown, dead lawn, planters and bushes. excessive weeds and rotting items left in front yard

In Progress CR-9190 01/22/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts HAZEL ST / MAYS AVE

Shopping cart in parkway near corner

In Progress CR-9189 01/22/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts HALE CIR / MAYS AVE

Shopping cart near curb

Closed CR-9188 01/22/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / FAYE AVE

Fayelane Park graffiti

Closed CR-9187 01/22/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint CHAPMAN AVE / MAGNOLIA ST

Abandoned bike at Chapman library bike rack (at least 4 days). Bike is dark blue.

Closed CR-9186 01/22/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12091 LAMPSON AVE

Directly across the street from violette elementary school office is a long beige block wall with orange spray paint says SAW. If your going east on Lampson it's on right side of street directly across from school office.

Closed CR-9185 01/22/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 10702 SENNIT AVE

Debis left on driveway and front yard.
Black trash bins are always on side walk along Starboard Street side of the house.

Closed CR-9184 01/22/20 Abandoned Furniture 15672 STARBOARD ST

Multiple abandoned furniture were left on curb longer than a week.

Closed CR-9183 01/22/20 Trees on Public Property 10801 ORANGEWOOD AVE

A man swept ALL the pine needles along Orangewood and bagged them up nicely. The bags are along the fence line of Simmons Elementary directly across from Lake Jr High. Someone from the city should come pick them up

In Progress CR-9181 01/21/20 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) CANTER CIR / SANTA RITA AVE

6662 Santa Rita. Long term overgrown weeds and debris in front yard and gardens

In Progress CR-9178 01/21/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 10900 WESTMINSTER AVE

Cafe Eden. Suite #6. Patrons of this establishment constantly smoke indoors and gamble inside. The ceilings are shared and the smoke travels and bothers the neighboring tenants. Several attempts to the property management has been left without response or action.

Closed CR-9177 01/21/20 Abandoned Furniture 8282 ACACIA AVE

Trash debris from neighbors moving left them on side walk

Closed CR-9176 01/21/20 Abandoned Furniture 8152 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

This address is getting furniture and trash dumped on the sidewalk daily! It's an everyday issue that has been going on for years. It builds up daily by the tree/ fire hydrant and when it gets cleaned, it never lasts more than a week. Maybe adding a no dumping sign would help.

Closed CR-9175 01/21/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13121 WILSON ST

Graffiti on Public Wall facing Larson Ave. It's right next to the stairs of the apartment on the intersection corner.

Closed CR-9174 01/21/20 Graffiti on Public Property SPRINGDALE ST / VANGUARD AVE

At the SW corner of Springdale and Vanguard there is graffiti in blue paint on the wall (on Vanguard).

Closed CR-9173 01/21/20 Abandoned Furniture LAURIANNE LN / ROSANNA AVE

Mattress under a tree

In Progress CR-9170 01/21/20 Non-permitted construction and alterations 11272 VICILIA ST

They have built an extra storage outside the house to cook instead of cooking inside. I don’t feel safe since It might caught fire. They also have an extra master bedroom and its bathroom does not have ventilation so the their tenants have to open a window whenever they shower.

Closed CR-9168 01/21/20 Graffiti on Public Property 9971 READING AVE

Graffiti on sound block wall on Brookhurst St. It’s on the side that faces the address given.

In Progress CR-9167 01/20/20 Business in Residential Zone 11771 MAGNOLIA ST

Residents have over 100 life birds living in cages in their garage. These birds are to be sold for profits.

In Progress CR-9165 01/20/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9332 MAUREEN DR

Bushes block driveway for pedestrians on sidewalk

Closed CR-9164 01/20/20 Abandoned Furniture 9792 OMA PL

Large mattresses and some old furniture need to get pickup on curve side

In Progress CR-9163 01/20/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 13102 PARTRIDGE ST

There are four abandoned shopping carts on the street.
They're next to a tree in the mobile home park on Partridge Street, to the left as you enter the park.

Closed CR-9161 01/20/20 Abandoned Furniture 10832 KATELLA AVE

Abandoned couches and trash all over the rear parking lot of Cairo restaurant, autozone and dollar tree. Please clean up.

Closed CR-9160 01/20/20 Other Public Works Issues FAIRVIEW ST / GARDEN GROVE BLVD

It looks like boxes with paper fell from a car that was getting on the freeway.
If something is done right now, clean up will be a lot easier than if the papers get blown all over the place.

Closed CR-9159 01/20/20 Sewer 8251 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Health spa is draining water in back of the building. Spa has smell of mold inside.

In Progress CR-9158 01/20/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property BROOKHURST ST / CHAPMAN AVE

Chapman / Brookhurst
Behind Wendy’s

received CR-9157 01/20/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property BROOKHURST ST / CHAPMAN AVE

Debris behind gold store and nutrition store

Closed CR-9156 01/20/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / WEST ST

Huge graffiti on block wall facing on south side of Chapman (on Chapman)

Closed CR-9155 01/20/20 Graffiti on Public Property BIXBY AVE / BROOKHURST ST

Graffiti by old train tracks
Also graffiti at strip of stores that are across from el pollo loco

Closed CR-9154 01/20/20 Abandoned Furniture 11401 LAMPSON AVE

Broken wooden chest/cabinet has been left by curb for many weeks

In Progress CR-9153 01/20/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint EUCLID ST / GARDEN GROVE BLVD

This steel building is under construction at Euclid and Garden Grove, in front of Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove (the club is located at 9860 Larson Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92844). The construction workers are grinding old and tall concrete walls without any SCAQMD Fugitive Dust Control mi...

Closed CR-9152 01/20/20 Abandoned Furniture 10642 TIBBS CIR

Abandoned CRT-TV and sofas were dumped and blocking part of alley. Can it be pick up as soon as possible.

Thank you.

In Progress CR-9151 01/20/20 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 10461 BONNIE DR

The garage unit at the back of the house is built illegally and the landlord has been collecting illegal rent from Tennant (myself) for over 3 years and they are now evicting me. The garage unit is not suited for living. No weather protection, insect infested, use to have leak roof. Please help...

Closed CR-9150 01/19/20 Abandoned Furniture GLENHAVEN DR / WOODBURY RD

There is a side table and rocking horse that needs to be removed.

In Progress CR-9149 01/19/20 Potholes on a Public Street 13172 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Pothole in the intersection across from Starbucks, right hand west bound Lane

In Progress CR-9148 01/19/20 Potholes on a Public Street 13211 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Pothole in intersection in front of business, middle lane, west bound

Closed CR-9147 01/19/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12821 WESTLAKE ST

Graffiti on wall

Closed CR-9146 01/19/20 Graffiti on Public Property BOLSA AVE / STARBOARD ST

Graffiti on block wall at northeast corner of Bolsa and Starboard.

Closed CR-9145 01/19/20 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter MAGNOLIA ST / ROSANNA AVE

More mattresses have been dumped on Magnolia on the Skylark school side. It is becoming a dumping ground with new mattresses every week.

Closed CR-9143 01/19/20 Abandoned Furniture CHAPMAN AVE / HARRIS ST

On the east side of Harris, just north of Chapman there has been a headboard for at least 2 months and now a small mattress for the last few weeks.

In Progress CR-9142 01/18/20 Auto Repair in Residential 12321 ANZIO ST

my neighbor builds illegal ( for rent )bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom in the garage, and in the back yard, they attached another living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom with unsafety gas lines, electricity lines, water lines which are could be an explosion anytime.

Closed CR-9139 01/18/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12942 Main St

City trash can has graffiti all over it.

Closed CR-9138 01/18/20 Potholes on a Public Street ORANGEWOOD AVE / PARK LN

Please fix the pothole at Orangewood/Park Lane.

Closed CR-9137 01/18/20 Abandoned Furniture 8182 CENTRAL AVE

Chair & Mattress dumped across from above residence

Closed CR-9136 01/18/20 Abandoned Furniture 14282 LAKE ST

The owner at 14282 Lake St. put his couch in front of his house for almost a month. Could you take it away? Thanks.

Closed CR-9135 01/18/20 Potholes on a Public Street 12201 PEACOCK CT

Large pothole in the middle of the street

Closed CR-9133 01/18/20 Traffic Signals RHONDA ST / SAIL ST

When i came home 2 days ago, i notice that the "25-mile speed limit" pole was laid flat on the grass (on the SAIL St.). Yesterday, the signed was gone. I'm not sure if the sign was removed for city public work, or it was removed by someone else. In addition, that the Rhonda/Sail corner was alway...

Closed CR-9132 01/17/20 Potholes on a Public Street BLANCHE AVE / PEACOCK CT

Two potholes

Closed CR-9131 01/17/20 Abandoned Furniture BIRCHWOOD ST / CROSBY AVE

Three king size mattresses

In Progress CR-9127 01/17/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12302 SPRINGDALE ST

There is an abandoned shopping cart on the sidewalk outside Enders Elementary School on Springdale.

In Progress CR-9126 01/17/20 Unpermitted Garage Sales 11191 WESTMINSTER AVE

every weekend they are selling items on the sidewak

In Progress CR-9125 01/17/20 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / SUNGROVE ST

Graffiti in front of Sungrove senior apartments right on Garden Grove blvd street

Closed CR-9124 01/17/20 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / SUNGROVE ST

Graffiti in cable box right in the corner of Sungrove St and Garden Grove Blvd.

In Progress CR-9123 01/17/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 13701 HAZEL ST

2 Shopping carts in street

received CR-9122 01/17/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12902 PEARCE ST

I recently submitted an issue on CR-9079 in which was merged with CR-8117. However, CR-8117 is closed. Many neighbors aside from myself have concerns. To us, the latest complaint is a separate issue and should not be listed as closed. This house has 10 available rooms that are in the process of...

Closed CR-9121 01/17/20 Trees on Public Property 6602 CERULEAN AVE

City replaced the tree out front of our house and it looks like it didn’t take ...looks dead
Called a couple months ago but never got a response

Closed CR-9120 01/16/20 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 8611 MAC ALPINE RD

Illegal ADU built

In Progress CR-9118 01/16/20 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12702 MORNINGSIDE AVE

In unit 8 they have subdivided the unit.

Closed CR-9117 01/16/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 7231 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

The Property management has advised us that the new owners of the property have not paid the garbage disposal bill. The garbage is overflowing at all of the trash bins spilling into the parking lot throughout this business complex. It is becoming a health hazard. There are already rodents and roa...

Closed CR-9116 01/16/20 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12851 GLORIA ST

My neighbor is in closing his back porch doesn’t seem to be up to code

Closed CR-9114 01/16/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12552 NADINE LN

There are two couches sitting on the lawn next to the curb that have been there over a month. This is not an exaggeration, we came home from a week long trip December 17 and there they were, a neighbor told me it had been there a few days before we returned.

In Progress CR-9112 01/16/20 Graffiti on Public Property FAIRVIEW ST / RANCHERO WAY

Fairview StreetGraffiti on the sidewalk both sides of the street on Ranchero way

In Progress CR-9111 01/16/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 10211 DAKOTA AVE

Repeatedly block street with trash bins to prevent anyone parking in front of their house. Does not bring in trash bins leaves it in front of yard or street on non trash days

In Progress CR-9110 01/16/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 10200 DAKOTA AVE

Repeatedly leaves trash bins out blocking the curbs everyday to prevent people from parking on the street.

In Progress CR-9109 01/15/20 Street Signs BLACKMER ST / CERULEAN AVE

Two “prepare to stop” and one stop sign needs to be updated. On cerulean, both east and west between St. Mark and Blackmer. Thank you!

In Progress CR-9108 01/15/20 Potholes on a Public Street 10421 HAZARD AVE


Closed CR-9107 01/15/20 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 11541 PALMWOOD DR

2 Ford Mustangs parked on lawn

In Progress CR-9105 01/15/20 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 13111 FONDREN ST

Inoperative vehicle on front lawn

In Progress CR-9104 01/15/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13321 LAMPSON AVE

This is the second time I’m reporting this it’s on the far right side of the school Lampson elementary school on the sidewalk. There’s not really an address other than the school it’s all the way to the end.

In Progress CR-9103 01/15/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 12162 JENTGES AVE

On SouthWest corner of property, south of carports, there is an area behind an iron gate from the carport area, which is filled with trash and debris, including beer cans and paint cans. This is visible from the Westhaven Pond SE corner and visible from the Walton Intermediate field. A phone ca...

Closed CR-9102 01/15/20 Graffiti on Public Property GREENTREE AVE / LEWIS ST

Black graffiti on the wall between 13381 greentree and 13371 greentree ave

Closed CR-9101 01/14/20 Abandoned Furniture 13302 VERDE ST

Abandoned mattresses in alley behind this address.

Closed CR-9100 01/14/20 Graffiti on Public Property EDIETH DR / LAMPSON AVE

Graffiti on back of stop sign on the corner of Edieth & Lampson Ave.

Closed CR-9099 01/14/20 Graffiti on Public Property EDIETH DR / STANFORD AVE

Graffiti on wall near Stanford Ave. & Edieth Dr.

Closed CR-9098 01/14/20 Non-permitted construction and alterations 11412 DALLAS DR

Sink and stove removed. Been inspected and approved but not on record. Need to come and inspect again so the file will be closed.

Closed CR-9097 01/14/20 Traffic Concerns LEDA LN / TRASK AVE

There is a cross-walk on Leda Ln and Trask that leads to Santiago High School. On several occasions, I have witnessed drivers not seeing students crossing. Fortunately, there has not been an incident. But this crosswalk is poorly marked and unsafe for an area with students plus the amount of heav...