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List of Requests (100)

# Submitted Category Address Description
Closed CR-15184 05/13/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint LARSON AVE / WILSON ST

Larson Ave/Wilson St
Car has been parked here for about 2 weeks . It's parked on the intersection making it hard to see cars coming. It already has a street sweeping ticket from Monday , May 10, 2021 and it has not been moved with ticket still placed .

Closed CR-15175 05/13/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12901 DALE ST

The run down building next door attracts the homeless. They have been entering our building through this access, which causes the safety concerns.

Please let me know the solutions ASAP.

Catherine ( Community Manager of Montejo Apartments)

In Progress CR-15174 05/13/21 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12592 HAZEL AVE

garage was illegally converted into living space once again, tenants are living inside. also, house owner might have done some alterations in the back of house without permit. please come to inspect.

In Progress CR-15173 05/13/21 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 11402 TRUE WAY

Rental property discarded on parkway and side yard.

In Progress CR-15172 05/13/21 Abandoned Furniture 12602 LAMPSON AVE

Refrigerator on sidewalk

Closed CR-15171 05/13/21 Abandoned Furniture 12531 LAMPSON AVE

Mattress on sidewalk

In Progress CR-15170 05/13/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12921 MAIN ST

Trash bags not in dumpster behind Bakery. Bags are torn and rats have been seen

Closed CR-15168 05/12/21 Other Public Works Issues GARDEN GROVE BLVD / KNOTT ST

North side of Garden Grove Blvd, East of Knott under 22 fwy. Trash and debris everywhere.

Closed CR-15166 05/12/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint FLOWER ST / LARSON AVE

11 Cars from nearby dealership parked on streets between 3-8 days in a row and have not been moved. Residents struggle to find parking. More cars on Flower not included in photo.

In Progress CR-15165 05/12/21 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / VALLEY VIEW ST

On sign on west side of street near Chevron station.

In Progress CR-15164 05/12/21 Graffiti on Public Property SANTA BARBARA AVE / VALLEY VIEW ST

Next to the bus stop at Vons. West side of street.

Closed CR-15163 05/12/21 Abandoned Furniture CYPRESS ST / HAMMONTREE DR

Abandoned mattress has been left here for several weeks. Please arrange to have it picked up ASAP. Thank you very much.

Closed CR-15162 05/12/21 Abandoned Shopping Carts BOWEN ST / WESTMINSTER AVE

Shopping Cart in alley

In Progress CR-15161 05/12/21 Graffiti on Public Property HASTER ST / LAMPSON AVE

Graffiti on sidewalk southwest side of Haster St from Lampson Ave to entrance to park

In Progress CR-15160 05/12/21 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / LEWIS ST

Graffiti on traffic signal pole

In Progress CR-15159 05/12/21 Environmental Services 13512 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Trash dumped on walkway

In Progress CR-15158 05/12/21 Graffiti on Public Property 12902 LAMPSON AVE

Graffiti on sidewalk just before park exit

In Progress CR-15156 05/12/21 Abandoned Furniture 13111 FAIRVIEW ST

TV on curb

In Progress CR-15154 05/12/21 Non-permitted construction and alterations 9841 STANFORD AVE

9841 Stanford is building unsafe high fences which block the corner of the street, on going put electric around the the fences. I really concerned for the safety. Please check if they’re doing them right under the code.

In Progress CR-15153 05/12/21 Sewer 13141 Rainbow St

Sewer lid is not on properly directly in front of my house. The lid rattles and moves every time a car goes over it. Prior to sewer maintenance 2 weeks ago this was not a problem.

Please return to place the lid on firmly and accurately.

In Progress CR-15151 05/11/21 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 9662 MANSOR AVE

The owner use the front yard ( drive way) to storage the junks. It makes the neighborhood look bad.

In Progress CR-15149 05/11/21 Environmental Services 12541 SUNGROVE CIR

Weeds growing on curb&sidewalk corner of Lampson&Sungrove cir graffiti on sidewalk

In Progress CR-15148 05/11/21 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 13091 FAIRVIEW ST

Curb is broken by driveway weeds growing at end of gutter

Closed CR-15147 05/11/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 10532 TRASK AVE

Why has the graffiti on these buildings on trask been allows to be up for 3+ months? Literally untouched and thousands can see it from the 22 freeway daily

Closed CR-15145 05/11/21 Abandoned Furniture 13721 BERKSHIRE WAY

Corner of Woodbury and berkshire way. Couch, 2 mattresses, trash. Mattress are against the phone box. I reported this issue about a month ago and still there. This is my neighborhood and its getting very trashy.

In Progress CR-15144 05/11/21 Abandoned Furniture MAGNOLIA ST / MAYS AVE

Tire /mattress /. Can you post sign saying NO Dumping.

Closed CR-15142 05/11/21 Traffic Signals GARDEN GROVE BLVD / HASTER ST

Broken crosswalk light/button at southeast side of on ramp

In Progress CR-15141 05/11/21 Graffiti on Public Property 12681 HASTER ST

Graffiti on power pole south of the driveway to the rehab home

In Progress CR-15140 05/11/21 Graffiti on Public Property 12952 LAMPSON AVE

Graffiti on sidewalk by power pole

received CR-15139 05/11/21 Abandoned Furniture 12792 HASTER ST

Mattress on sidewalk corner Aspenwood &Haster st

In Progress CR-15138 05/11/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9642 MAUREEN DR


Closed CR-15137 05/11/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint FAIRVIEW ST / GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Homeless living under GGFreeway on the sidewalk both sides of street large trash dump also side walk is disgusting shape

In Progress CR-15136 05/11/21 Environmental Services 13152 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Trash &furniture between alley and off ramp also posters on sign post

In Progress CR-15135 05/11/21 Graffiti on Public Property 13152 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Graffiti on big sign post by driveway also poster on power pole on corner of Fairview st &GGB

In Progress CR-15134 05/11/21 Graffiti on Public Property 13211 FAIRVIEW ST

Graffiti on the caution signs and sidewalk north of the churches driveway

In Progress CR-15133 05/11/21 Potholes on a Public Street 12181 WEST ST

pothole in crosswalk of west street in front of Crosby Elementary School

Closed CR-15132 05/11/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint NEWHOPE ST / WESTMINSTER AVE

Homeless encampment graffiti trash 🙄

Closed CR-15130 05/11/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 10552 MCFADDEN AVE

Illegal sale of alcohol.
CDC guidelines not met.
Illegal topless bar.

In Progress CR-15129 05/11/21 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 9012 SHERLOCK CIR

In the backyard is an R.V. trailer that is being used for housing, also a shed into a room, as well as the patio into a room. The garage into a dining/ kitchen and unmainting with landscaping. Excessive amount of construction noise for the past 2 weeks( indoors).

In Progress CR-15128 05/10/21 Business in Residential Zone 12152 ADRIAN ST

My apartment flooded out of my shower with brown water and out of the bathroom sink. The property manager her name is Lisa is trying to say the water was clean even though she wasn't there. All they did was lay the carpet back down and didn't replace the carpet.

In Progress CR-15127 05/10/21 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 12650 WESTMINSTER AVE


Closed CR-15126 05/10/21 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / ST MARK ST

Table at Eastgate Park. On the table leg. Facing the bathroom.

Closed CR-15125 05/10/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 13061 KERRY ST

The neighboring restaurant, Soju Belly, kept sweeping their trash every weekend over to the front of our store and the front parking space of our store since February 2020 until now. I hope someone can help us stop them from doing so. Thank you.

Closed CR-15124 05/10/21 Abandoned Furniture KERN AVE / WARD ST

There are abandoned furniture in the back of the first corner house on Kern st. Could you remove them? Thank you.

In Progress CR-15123 05/10/21 Potholes on a Public Street 11602 COLLEGE AVE

Pothole in front of home on public street

Closed CR-15122 05/10/21 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12652 GLEN ST

Beginning construction of block wall on south side of backyard

Closed CR-15121 05/10/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint GARDEN GROVE BLVD / KNOTT ST

Homeless Encampment under 22 fwy on east side of Knott Ave, north of Garden Grove Blvd.

Closed CR-15120 05/10/21 Environmental Services GARDEN GROVE BLVD / KNOTT ST

22 fwy exit is full of trash, graffiti and unmaintained landscape.

Closed CR-15119 05/10/21 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter BEACH BLVD / TRASK AVE

East side on Beach, North of Trask is filled with trash.

Closed CR-15118 05/10/21 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter GARDEN GROVE BLVD / KNOTT ST

North side of Garden Grove Blvd, East of Knott is covered in trash

Closed CR-15117 05/09/21 Other Public Works Issues LAMPSON AVE / LUCILLE AVE

The street lights on the entire block are inoperable. Not a single street light on the entire street works.

Closed CR-15116 05/09/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 10521 Stanford Ave

This place is a business and for more than a month, the workers or owner have kept a rooster on this property. The rooster crows every morning around 4am to 10am. My understanding is that these businesses are not suppose to make noise before and after a certain time. There’s a reason why the owne...

Closed CR-15115 05/09/21 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / VALLEY VIEW ST

Graffiti on box near bus stop in front of Walgreens.

In Progress CR-15113 05/09/21 Auto Repair in Residential 12202 CORVETTE ST

12202 Corvette st.,
Garden Grove

Closed CR-15112 05/09/21 Street Signs 8601 GLORIA AVE

The signs have graffiti on them. Please clean or replace before the city hands out anymore citations for street sweeping. Photos are of two signs. One on the north side of Gloria at 8601 and the other on the south side across from 8601. Please change signs out. Thank you!

Closed CR-15111 05/09/21 Auto Repair in Residential FLOWER ST / LARSON AVE

Car left here since friday morning when tow truck moved other abandoned car. Most importantly the car has been leaking oil that has been draining into street drain. Dealership/auto shop often leave 10-20 cars on residential streets. 3 other Dealership cars across street all week. They get moved...

Closed CR-15110 05/08/21 Graffiti on Public Property 13280 CHAPMAN AVE

On the rightside of eastbound Chapman Ave, the second to last streetlight pole before the Crystal Cathedral driveway has been tagged.

Closed CR-15109 05/08/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint JOHN AVE / KATHY LN

Ordinance No. 2875- On several days after my morning jog, I always encounter dog feces on the sidewalk and also along some of my fellow neighbors lawns. I have confronted the owner of the white furred lab retriever and politely asked her to please pick up after her dog as I have seen her dog do t...

Closed CR-15108 05/08/21 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 9311 CELLINI AVE

people shoot ring target practice out of a converted shed towards me at 9311 cellini ave

Closed CR-15107 05/08/21 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / LEWIS ST

Graffiti on bus stop

Closed CR-15106 05/08/21 Graffiti on Public Property 13511 FAIRVIEW ST

Poster and Graffiti on power pole by driveway to 7-Eleven on Fairview St

Closed CR-15105 05/08/21 Graffiti on Public Property BETTES PL / KATELLA AVE

Graffiti on public sidewalk. This has been reported multiple times, without resolution.

Closed CR-15104 05/08/21 Graffiti on Public Property 13701 PURDY ST

The graffiti is on the wall on the Mays St side if this property.

Closed CR-15103 05/08/21 Other Public Works Issues CLINTON ST / RANCHERO WAY

Dead raccoon in roadway.

Closed CR-15102 05/08/21 Abandoned Furniture CARDINAL AVE / CLINTON ST

Chairs on sidewalk.

Closed CR-15101 05/08/21 Abandoned Furniture CLINTON ST / RANCHERO WAY

Mattress on sidewalk next to boys and girls club.

In Progress CR-15100 05/08/21 Potholes on a Public Street BUARO ST / CHAPMAN AVE

On eastbound Chapman Ave between Buaro St & Harbor Blvd in the bike lane, there are tree root uplifts in two different locations within the block. These tree root uplifts could cause cyclists to fall down or force them into the traffic lane.

In Progress CR-15098 05/07/21 Potholes on a Public Street CHAPMAN AVE / LEWIS ST

Not sure if this is the responsibility of the City of Orange or Garden Grove since this is on the border of the two cities but there’s a pothole in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Chapman Ave & Lewis St.

In Progress CR-15097 05/07/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint BROOKHURST ST / ROYAL PALM BLVD

Commercial vehicle and graffiti in residential property.

In Progress CR-15096 05/07/21 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 13952 BROOKHURST ST

The public sidewalk along Brookhurst south of the Bank of America ATM is lifted presenting a potential trip hazard. Can we please get assistance to even out / smooth the surface to prevent potential trip hazards? Thank you

In Progress CR-15095 05/07/21 Non-permitted construction and alterations 10182 CROSBY AVE

Shed and storage to house rental + unpermit room addition inside house.

In Progress CR-15094 05/07/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 12641 GEORGE ST

60s or 70s truck camper with blue tarp in backyard. Can be seen from college ave.

In Progress CR-15092 05/07/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11601 COLLEGE AVE

Several inoperable vehicles with outdated registrations:
70s white Chevy truck
Red station wagon
Chevy Tahoe
Also, multiple vehicles with expired registrations on College Ave. west and east of 11601.

In Progress CR-15091 05/07/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11812 SHETLAND RD

Forklift in driveway
Mercedes S500 in driveway

Closed CR-15090 05/07/21 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / LEWIS ST

Posters on power poles both corners

In Progress CR-15089 05/07/21 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter GARDEN GROVE BLVD / LEWIS ST

Grass and weeds over growing sidewalk section of sidewalk is a mess with leaves trash and debris

In Progress CR-15087 05/07/21 Street Signs SHETLAND RD / STRATHMORE DR

street sign are old. weren't replaced during sign upgrades. Have old GG logo.

In Progress CR-15086 05/07/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11572 COLLEGE AVE

white Chevy truck that was in accident has been in driveway for several months

In Progress CR-15085 05/07/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11832 BROOKSHIRE AVE

Reddish brown Buick Century on side yard next to driveway and blue Jeep Cherokee in front yard. Vehicles have been there several months.

In Progress CR-15084 05/07/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11792 SHETLAND RD

Black Mercedes ML320 in yard.

In Progress CR-15083 05/07/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11892 SHETLAND RD

1960s Chrysler Newport has been in driveway since at least June 2008 as shown on Google Maps street view.
Also, pallets and tile flooring have been in front yard for several months.

In Progress CR-15081 05/07/21 Abandoned Shopping Carts 14321 WARD ST

In my back ally right behind my garage door i see few abondaned shopping carts seems like homeless people started living there

I also see graffiti on my garage door also some trash there

This is causing great safety concern for me and my family

Please resolve and attend to ASAP


In Progress CR-15080 05/06/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12714 8TH ST

Trash cans are always left on sidewalk. This was taken 5/6/21(Thursday) and trash is picked up on Tuesdays. These are left all day to secure spaces for the tenants and leaves less space for others to park.

Closed CR-15079 05/06/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint DALLAS DR / DEWEY DR

Huge motorhome parked on Dallas north of Dewey, for extended period of time.

In Progress CR-15078 05/06/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 12272 GAMMA ST

two old boats on trailers:
one in driveway-Reinell 215C , License CF 3328 SG
one on Jerry Lane-Wellcraft Sunhatch 196, didn't see license
Both boats were in the same locations when Google Maps image was captured in November 2020.

Closed CR-15077 05/06/21 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 10101 CENTRAL AVE

I wanna report that there has been people living in the garage for a while now and we reported it but when the officer came to check the people living in the garage left for a couple days and came back to live in the garage. They avoided the fact that they can not live in the garage .
I am repo...

In Progress CR-15076 05/06/21 Street Signs DELTA ST / JERRY LN

Delta sign is missing at intersection with Jerry

Closed CR-15075 05/06/21 Abandoned Shopping Carts ADRIAN CIR / ASPENWOOD AVE

Been their at least 6 weeks next to power pole

In Progress CR-15074 05/06/21 Street Signs DELTA ST / JERRY LN

Delta and Jerry signs at intersection bent and ready to come loose from pole

In Progress CR-15073 05/06/21 Street Signs EPSILON ST / JERRY LN

Jerry and Epsilon Street signs missing at intersection

In Progress CR-15072 05/06/21 Street Signs BETA AVE / ZETA ST

Beta Sign is bent beyond repair and Zeta sign is missing

In Progress CR-15070 05/06/21 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter ADRIAN CIR / DUNKLEE AVE

People removed large tree recently, damaged sidewalk in a 10 foot area. A woman in her 70’s tripped last night while on walk. Injured her ankle, wrist, and face...... need fixed NOW!!!!!!!

In Progress CR-15069 05/06/21 Trees on Public Property 10432 MILDRED AVE

There is a tree on the front of my property that needs cutting. A limb broke off last year and almost smashed my car. I am afraid it has limbs that are top heavy and will break off in windy times or during a rain storm and hit a car or someone unexpected. Can the city come out and trim it ...

Closed CR-15068 05/06/21 Abandoned Furniture 12399 LAMPSON AVE

Mattress on sidewalk

In Progress CR-15067 05/06/21 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 13008 CHAPMAN AVE

Black graffiti spray paint on wall facing haster st - side of restaurant

Closed CR-15066 05/06/21 Graffiti on Public Property 9TH ST / ORANGEWOOD AVE

Graffiti on wall

Closed CR-15065 05/06/21 Abandoned Furniture 12501 MERRILL ST

White table in street

In Progress CR-15064 05/05/21 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11851 GILBERT ST

some inoperative car tarped

Closed CR-15063 05/05/21 Graffiti on Public Property 11851 GILBERT ST

on river bed

Closed CR-15062 05/05/21 Abandoned Furniture FALLINGLEAF ST / TWINTREE LN

Another house who dumped a box spring over two weeks ago. The people driving around have not taken it for multiple weekends. Twintree is full of abandoned furniture and looks very bad. They blocked their address but not hard to miss. The street sweeper even just went around it.