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List of Requests (100)

# Submitted Category Address Description
In Progress CR-7438 08/21/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9341 MAYRENE DR

In Front yard driveway extented to curb is a tent like structure being used for car storage. Makes the neighborhood look bad.

In Progress CR-7437 08/21/19 Abandoned Furniture 9112 ORANGEWOOD AVE

The rear alley along the whole alley has discarded furniture that hasn't been picked up in months

In Progress CR-7436 08/21/19 Abandoned Furniture HOMEWAY DR / KATELLA AVE

There is a mattress and other miscellaneous items left at the corner entrance to the neighborhood on Katella and Homeway.

In Progress CR-7435 08/21/19 Abandoned Furniture CENTRAL AVE / NEWLAND ST

Abandoned couch and discarded items left behind by homeless under the freeway overpass.

In Progress CR-7434 08/21/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 11411 TACOMA ST

Patio cover at rear of dwelling.

Storage of junk / debris at rear of dwelling.

In Progress CR-7433 08/20/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 10781 FORBES AVE

Can they operate as a commercial style theater in this industrial zone?
A large stage was built, there are live entertainment with live band and selling tickets for shows.

Closed CR-7432 08/20/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 13241 LUCILLE ST

The home is abandoned. The front yard is unkept and is unsightly. There are raccoons and rats who have snuck in and made it their home.

Closed CR-7431 08/20/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 9611 SUTHERLAND WAY

this were file with public work and code enforcement.
1. adu unit add in rear of the house with attached garage and parking. now they just cut the curb and install additional driveway right of the house. This is illegal construction due have access to rear by alley to new garage. Be aware these...

Closed CR-7430 08/20/19 Abandoned Furniture 10391 JENNRICH AVE

Thí house using the street curb for dumping the old stuffs almost 2 months now, we the neighborhood see uncomfortably and lower houses value around us, please send a city officer drive there to see and ask them cleaning and no more do it again
We thank you
Neighborhood at Jennrich...

In Progress CR-7428 08/20/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 12311 9TH ST

First is was a brown desk weeks in front of house now little by little more stuff and junk.

In Progress CR-7427 08/20/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 12301 9TH ST

Overgrown and mostly dead lawn.

In Progress CR-7426 08/20/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 12281 9TH ST

Yard is dead and overgrown.

In Progress CR-7425 08/20/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 10671 SENNIT AVE

Backyard is overgrown with vegetation and weeds, infested with feral cats and possums live here. if look closely on top pollens from these weed are affecting all neighbors around the property, allergy and rash, not just a fire hazard also health concern.

In Progress CR-7423 08/20/19 Potholes on a Public Street 7521 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Right Lane of Garden Grove Blvd Traveling from Beach towards Western. Just Before driveway fro Hirsh Plumbing and Supply. Deep Pot Hole invisible at night

Closed CR-7422 08/20/19 Traffic Concerns KNOTT ST / PATTERSON DR

City needs to review whole industrial area regarding trucks “waitng” and parking, especially around 6-7am. Pictures below are from Patterson drive waitng to enter Knott st. Trucks are waitng to go onto recycle way.

Closed CR-7421 08/20/19 Traffic Signals BIXBY AVE / BROOKHURST ST

The traffic signal at Bixby and Brookhurst has not been responding for vehicles waiting on Bixby to turn left on to Brookhurst. It took over 5 minutes with three cars waiting and never changed. All the cars had to turn right and then flip a u-turn at the next turn out. This has been happening ...

In Progress CR-7420 08/20/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9922 KATELLA AVE

Emergency exit locked during business hours.

In Progress CR-7419 08/19/19 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / SPINNAKER ST

Street sweeping signs telephone poles and sidewalks it’s everywhere over here right
cross from an elementary school.

Closed CR-7418 08/19/19 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / SPINNAKER ST

Street sweeping signs telephone poles and sidewalks it’s everywhere over here right
cross from an elementary school.

In Progress CR-7416 08/19/19 Graffiti on Public Property CERULEAN AVE / VALLEY VIEW ST

Graffiti on back side of street divider median reflector visible going north on Valley View in left turn lane to go west on cerulean. This might be a painted sticker.

In Progress CR-7415 08/19/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 12452 MCLEOD ST

Lawn is overgrown with weeds. Part was dug up and just left for more weeds. Parkway and around fence also very overgrown.

Closed CR-7414 08/19/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint AMY AVE / WILDGOOSE ST

An unattached trailer is in front of the home on the street causing drivers coming in and out of the circle unable to see incoming and oncoming cars. The trailer does not have a permit visible and it has been on the street for two weeks.

Closed CR-7413 08/19/19 Trees on Public Property 6762 MARIETTA AVE

Overgrown City owned parkway tree needs to be brought up to City pruning specifications for that particular species.

In Progress CR-7412 08/19/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 7340 LAMPSON AVE

It's a building on the corner

In Progress CR-7411 08/19/19 Short-Term Rental in Residential Zone 12002 CLIFFWOOD AVE

Short term rental, people in and out all the time.

In Progress CR-7408 08/19/19 Short-Term Rental in Residential Zone 12011 CLIFFWOOD AVE

Short term rental unit, people in and out all the time.

Closed CR-7406 08/19/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 12621 ADELLE ST

Dead lawn

Closed CR-7405 08/18/19 Street Signs 13311 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Useless faded sign for 22fwy
North side of Garden Grove Blvd just east of the on ramp

In Progress CR-7404 08/18/19 Graffiti on Public Property EUCLID ST / PALOMA AVE

South side Half way down old railroad right of way between Paloma & Trask

Closed CR-7403 08/18/19 Abandoned Furniture 12611 LUCILLE AVE

Mattress at. Curb

In Progress CR-7402 08/18/19 Business in Residential Zone 12391 PENTAGON ST

Mechanic is working from his home. He mostly works in the night time but also in the day. Has vehicles with expired tags parked on the street, nonfunctional vehicles parked on the street, vehicles are only “moved” when it’s street sweeper day with chains or pushes them, has two utility trailers p...

Closed CR-7401 08/18/19 Abandoned Furniture CLINTON ST / WESTMINSTER AVE

There is a box spring mattresses on the street.

In Progress CR-7400 08/18/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter EUCLID ST / MAIN ST

The sidewalk from euclid st to the library has dog poop all around. Seems dog owners are not picking up. I hope there is something could be done about this. Also the area get cleaned up as I noticed they were stepped into.

Closed CR-7399 08/17/19 Traffic Concerns MAGNOLIA ST / MAYS AVE

when turning right from Mays onto Magnolia, there is always a car (or more) parked by the curb, blocking the right hand turn lane, so that people who want to turn right are unable to when there is a line of cars. is there a way to paint the curb red here?

Closed CR-7398 08/17/19 Abandoned Furniture MAYS AVE / YOAK ST

right by the alley entrance, by the electrical polie, people are constantly dumping furniture and unwanted items like mattresses, washing machines, etc. it is an absolute eyesore.

Closed CR-7396 08/17/19 Abandoned Furniture 12562 ORRWAY DR

There is abandoned furniture there.

In Progress CR-7395 08/17/19 Graffiti on Public Property ALWICK CIR / HOMEWAY DR

Graffiti on the light pole
Light pole is on Homeway

In Progress CR-7394 08/17/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 11771 EASY WAY

Each of the past 3 Saturday mornings there has been heavy machines running. It appears like framing/footing is being placed in the backyard of residence. No active permit in system. Please visit job site to ensure compliance with GGMC. Please do not mention my name to homeowner. I would lik...

Closed CR-7392 08/17/19 Business in Residential Zone FLOWER ST / RUSSELL AVE

3 cars from a dealer called OCmotorsdirect.com.

In Progress CR-7391 08/17/19 Graffiti on Public Property DAKOTA AVE / FLOWER ST

Graffiti on sidewalk. Usual LMS.

In Progress CR-7390 08/17/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 14122 LAKE ST

Weeds are one feet high, boat is in the front yard filled with trash, trash cans are stored in the front yard, trash is all around the trash cans and front yard and a roster is at the address crowing all day long .

Closed CR-7389 08/17/19 Coyote Sighting 6862 BELGRAVE AVE

At 01:30 AM observed two juvenile coyotes attack and kill a black house cat. I heard my dogs go nuts in my backyard. I looked over the back chain link fence and saw the two coyotes.

Closed CR-7388 08/17/19 Abandoned Furniture ACACIA AVE / BROOKHURST WAY

Abandoned speakers, etc.

In Progress CR-7387 08/16/19 Business in Residential Zone 12460 EUCLID ST

Business is open until 3 AM. They have outdoor seating and customers are outside always making noise. There are houses and condominiums surrounding the building that has the business.

Closed CR-7386 08/16/19 Abandoned Furniture BALLAST AVE / STARBOARD ST

Chairs dumped on Starboard

Closed CR-7385 08/16/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9611 SUTHERLAND WAY

illegal drive way, cut city curb add new driveway 08-16-2019. right hand side from street look in.

Closed CR-7384 08/16/19 Street Signs CYPRESS ST / DAKOTA AVE

This is my 3rd attempt to get a new street sign for Dakota Ave. My first request (CR6253) was closed stating that it was due to be taken care of in the next few days! The 2nd request CR7207 was closed immediately after i submitted stating request was closed, but it still did not get taken care of...

In Progress CR-7383 08/16/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 11402 TACOMA ST

Lot hardscape coverage exceeds 50%

In Progress CR-7382 08/16/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 11422 TOBIE ST

Rear of property is littered with debris.
Miscellaneous tarps, structures and sheds encroaching PL on all sides.

Closed CR-7381 08/16/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9912 WILLIAM DALTON WAY

This van full of junk has been parked in front of our house for the last week

Closed CR-7380 08/16/19 Abandoned Furniture HOMEWAY DR / KATELLA AVE

Mattress abandoned for several days, blocking sidewalk

Closed CR-7379 08/16/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 11811 GILBERT ST

there are two cell towers in the area where I reside, and i know that they are hazardous to our health, and the facts have been documented. they are carcinogenic. I was concerned about our safety and health. can the city council do something to shut down the cell sites? It is for the s...

Closed CR-7378 08/16/19 Abandoned Furniture HOLLY DR / NELSON ST

Mattress blocking sidewalk this is my second request to have this picked up this is a trip hazard and a potential city liability

Closed CR-7377 08/15/19 Abandoned Furniture 12282 BUARO ST

Mattress on sidewalk

Closed CR-7376 08/15/19 Abandoned Furniture 12212 BUARO ST

2 mattresses at curb

Closed CR-7375 08/15/19 Abandoned Furniture 11602 STUART DR

In the back of the apartment there are homeless living there. They are bringing a lot of furniture that are just being left there. We need someone to come and move that stuff from there. It is not allowing the residents that live in these apartments to sometime even park.

In Progress CR-7374 08/15/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 10762 WOODBURY RD

Please connect with the homeowner because they have dead grass.

In Progress CR-7373 08/15/19 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 11431 TOBIE ST

Garage converted to habitable space

In Progress CR-7372 08/15/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter CHESTER AVE / GLEN ST

Neighbors down the street have been performing construction at their home and this is the second time that their concrete “wash out” gets dumped on the street. This causes neighbors approaches (including ours) to get full of concrete residue and track that into our garage/driveway.

Closed CR-7371 08/15/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12092 ACACIA AVE

code violation, owner renting both adu and main house, owner is requires to occupy one of the two

Closed CR-7370 08/15/19 Abandoned Furniture HEALEY DR / MAGNOLIA ST

There’s a house on the corner of Healy and Magnolia. They’ve moved and left a bunch of trash around and a fridge with the door propped open with a stick. Please do something about the fridge so that kids don’t get in it. This is dangerous!

Closed CR-7369 08/15/19 Abandoned Furniture 5621 TRINETTE AVE

TV, Mattress, sharp wood and glass piled in front lawn on city side of sidewalk and front lawn. Been there for 2 weeks and tripped on it while walking dog.

Closed CR-7367 08/15/19 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 12301 FALLINGLEAF ST

2- inoperable vehicles, 1- has all 4 tires off and just sitting
Also 6 weeks now at using their trashcans as parking spot savers. Still can’t get you to make them bring them in

Closed CR-7366 08/14/19 Abandoned Furniture 12212 BUARO ST

Mattress frames

Closed CR-7365 08/14/19 Environmental Services MAC ST / MAC ALPINE RD

Please help us!!! The mosquitoes are increasing at a rapid rate. Our kids and the kids in the neighbor cannot go outside day or night without getting bites all over their legs. Please help!!!!

In Progress CR-7364 08/14/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12341 WALNUT AVE

Additional unit being built in back yard. R1 zone, Driveway width does not support a second unit to be placed . Aerial utility is a fire hazard and would be within 10’ required distance clearance.

In Progress CR-7363 08/14/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 8822 DEWEY DR

Construction is being done in the backyard of this home, what looks to be the framing stages of an add on room that continues to be constructed at all hours of the night.

In Progress CR-7362 08/14/19 Graffiti on Public Property NEWHOPE ST / TRASK AVE

Graffiti under the bridge on Trask between Harbor & Newhope.

Closed CR-7361 08/14/19 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10171 DEWEY DR

there’s a grocery cart with a table in it in front of 10171 Dewey

Closed CR-7360 08/14/19 Abandoned Furniture 10642 DOROTHY AVE

residence has left mattresses on curb

Closed CR-7359 08/14/19 Business in Residential Zone 13332 BARNETT WAY

Renter is using dangerous equipment - welding in backyard. Has homeless living in the backyard. Has TV on the front porch. A lot of garbage in backyard and frontside patio. Dead grass,

Closed CR-7358 08/14/19 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 13332 HAVENWOOD DR

Use of non working white van for sleepimg. Coop near property line. Rooster in backyard. Debris on roof of garage. Cockroaches in yard. Debris leaning on fences. Use debris to jump fences when police raid this so called sober living house.

In Progress CR-7357 08/14/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 5422 HUNTLEY AVE

Recently removed tree has caused sidewalk to crack, crumble, and raise over a foot above the curb line. This is safety issue and city liability. Additionally, I would like to tear out and re-construct my front yard but cannot until the sidewalk is fixed.

Closed CR-7356 08/14/19 Environmental Services GARDEN GROVE BLVD / NUTWOOD ST

Trash all over the place near the bus stops in the construction zone

Closed CR-7355 08/14/19 Traffic Concerns BROOKHURST ST / TRASK AVE

Cars are speeding through the newly opened alley way next to Garden Grove Plaza close to Trask Ave. There is one small speed bump but it is not affective in slowing down cars speeding through the alley leading into an apartment complex parking area where children play and walk to school. We ...

Closed CR-7354 08/14/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 13461 HOPE ST

I live in front of the dealer CHEVROLET service center and I call before for and issue of the big rims trucks that download and upload cars at 5am and they stop for quite some time but they went back to the same thing please can you do something about it or what can I do? thanks for your attention.

Closed CR-7353 08/14/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 11872 DALE ST

A water pump belonging to Golden State Water company, a water company that serves the City of Stanton but is located in Garden Grove, is exceeding the allowable ambient noise levels, especially in the evenings. The noise is very disturbing and interferes with the lives of the immediate surroundin...

In Progress CR-7352 08/14/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 13751 JACKSON ST

Consistently leaving their trash cans out 3-5 days past Fridays pick-up. they are still out on the street as of this notice.

Closed CR-7351 08/14/19 Abandoned Furniture 12632 DALE ST

Loveseat White with black

Closed CR-7350 08/14/19 Abandoned Furniture 12662 DALE ST

Kids Mattress out on sidewalk In between apartment complex

Closed CR-7349 08/13/19 Other Public Works Issues LA BONITA AVE / SAN JUAN PL

Third and final request directed to Public Works regarding this toilet. This has been a terrible eyesore and health hazard for over a month. Please contact me. Will be happy to provide details to PW staff or administration.

Closed CR-7348 08/13/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter LA BONITA AVE / SAN JUAN PL

Discarded aheets and clothing articles.

Closed CR-7347 08/13/19 Graffiti on Public Property LA BONITA AVE / SAN JUAN PL

Graffiti on STOP sign.

Closed CR-7346 08/13/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 11002 FLYNN LN

They have old storage that can be seen from the major street on the side of the house and it is a fire hazard please have them remove it.

Closed CR-7345 08/13/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 9331 MAUREEN DR

The jacaranda tree which I believe is on city property is growing over the sidewalk making it so you can not use the sidewalk.

In Progress CR-7344 08/12/19 Graffiti on Public Property 13171 HARBOR BLVD

In the alley by the Dollar tree. There is a lot of Graffiti.

In Progress CR-7343 08/12/19 Graffiti on Public Property GARY ST / PATRICIA DR

You closed the ticket but the graffiti is still visible

In Progress CR-7341 08/12/19 Graffiti on Public Property DONEGAL DR / LEXINGTON AVE

Lots of Graffiti on the wall. Across the street from Murdy School

Closed CR-7340 08/12/19 Abandoned Furniture 13471 SUNNYVALE AVE

There is an abandoned mattress on trask facing the street. I do not know who left the mattress there but it has been there for almost a month.

Closed CR-7339 08/12/19 Park Maintenance SHAPELL ST / TRASK AVE

The the walkway leading to and the tunnel leading to GG park is littered with trash, discarded clothing, food, toilet paper, etc. This is an absolute disgrace and a terrible representation of our city.

In Progress CR-7337 08/12/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9571 RUSSELL AVE

There has been a transient that has been using the front area of this property as an encampment. He has bee littering the front of the neighboring houses with trash and clothing. He is aggressive and neighbors seem to be afraid and do not want to deal with him to tell him to leave.
The police we...

Closed CR-7336 08/12/19 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 10562 KEEL AVE

Abandoned vehicle, the car has been here for a little over a week with no one claiming ownership from the residents

Closed CR-7335 08/12/19 Abandoned Furniture LAMPSON AVE / SUNGROVE CIR

2 mattress on sidewalk. Eastbound on Lampson ave right side of Lampson just past sungrove cir and before twin lakes park

Closed CR-7334 08/12/19 Abandoned Furniture 12551 LAMPSON AVE

Mattress laying on sidewalk Monday August 12th.

In Progress CR-7333 08/12/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12611 FLOWER ST

I've brought up mold to my landlord and the owners, both have "tried" to clean it by wiping it down with bleach and a rag. I have told them it is grown again and again after each attempt to clean it. Now they served with me a 60 day eviction noticed in retaliation. I have 2 small children and the...

In Progress CR-7332 08/11/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 11392 MIDWICK PL

Trash and overgrown vegetation in the yard. Unkept.

Closed CR-7331 08/11/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 11442 TACOMA ST

Lawn is dead and weeds are almost 16” tall

Closed CR-7330 08/11/19 Other Code Enforcement Complaint Erin St/Russell

Just a few houses down from 13382 Erin Road there is shopping carts, loose clothing spread across three houses and a homeless man sleeping on one of the neighbors lawn.

Closed CR-7328 08/11/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property CLINTON ST / RUSSELL CIR

Just a few houses down from 13382 Erin Road there is shopping carts, loose clothing spread across three houses and a homeless man sleeping on one of the neighbors lawn.

Closed CR-7327 08/11/19 Coyote Sighting NUTWOOD ST / STANFORD AVE

There are a few Coyotes living in the fenced lot on Standford between Nutwood and Brookhurst. It's overgrown but I've seen them to in there.