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In Progress CR-5113 12/11/18 Abandoned Furniture GILBERT ST / MAUREEN DR

Abandoned furniture and other items. Someone stacked it neatly , but still an eyesore. It is in alleyway behind apts.

In Progress CR-5112 12/11/18 Trees on Public Property 11091 MAC MURRAY ST

The trees on my yard and my neighbor's yard have damaged the street gutter causing rain water to sit. This will cause a mosquito problem. I have a young daughter and there are other young children nearby. I do not want the kids to get sick by mosquito bites. Please send someone to take a look and...

In Progress CR-5111 12/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property BUARO ST / LAMPSON AVE

Go east on Lampson curb on left side of street at Buaro says SAW in red spray paint on curb. Right next to traffic signal pole.

In Progress CR-5110 12/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / OERTLY DR

Go east on Lampson beige block wall on left side of street white smeared paint on wall needs matching beige paint.

In Progress CR-5109 12/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property FIREBRAND ST / LAMPSON AVE

Go east on Lampson beige block wall on left side of street white smeared paint on wall needs matching beige paint.

In Progress CR-5108 12/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property ANABEL AVE / SHIRLEY ST

Graffiti all along the apartment building wall.

In Progress CR-5107 12/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / SUNGROVE CIR

Go east on Lampson ave beige block on left side of street at sungrove with black spray paint on wall says BHK

Closed CR-5106 12/10/18 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 12142 PEARCE AVE

Yard looks like a garbage dump. Owner has unmaintained front yard, and their is trash all over the front yard as well.

Closed CR-5105 12/10/18 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12142 PEARCE AVE

Unpermitted construction is being done inside the residence.

In Progress CR-5104 12/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 11322 DALE ST

Beige Couch placed on lawn; was on sidewalk next to light/electric pole.

In Progress CR-5103 12/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 8871 CHAPMAN AVE

People dumped a mattress and a small bag of trash in the alley

In Progress CR-5102 12/10/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13732 LIBBY LN

Graffiti on walls along Libby ln. Both sides.

In Progress CR-5101 12/10/18 Graffiti on Public Property ANABEL AVE / LIBBY LN

Graffiti on both sides of the road along the walls.

In Progress CR-5100 12/10/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11251 ANABEL AVE

Both sides of the street are covered in graffiti.

Closed CR-5099 12/10/18 Other 13332 HAVENWOOD DR

This house harbors criminal/drug activities...needs to be stopped.

Closed CR-5098 12/10/18 Street Signs 5583 Tiffany Ave

Behind the home, there is a street light that is completely out. Please replace the light bulb as it is attracting people to park there and becoming a nuisance.

Closed CR-5097 12/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 12772 GLORIA ST

There is abandoned twin box spring mattresses east side of the driveway in front of the house been there for about three weeks looks terrible

Closed CR-5096 12/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 12851 GLORIA ST

Someone has abandoned a chair and a television set in the parkway in front of the house.

Closed CR-5095 12/09/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 10322 WOODBURY RD

Boat on front lawn. Inoperative vehicles on driveway.
Huge huge storage locker showing above block wall. Camper
In back yard.
Unkempt yard. It’s looked like this for years.

In Progress CR-5094 12/09/18 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 10642 LINNELL AVE

Exterior has peeling paint. Exterior trim is now bare wood. Crumbling asphalt driveway. And no yard maintenance.

Closed CR-5093 12/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 13772 MERELLO ST

Mattress left on parkway since Dec 1st.

In Progress CR-5092 12/09/18 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 10392 WOODBURY RD

Car parked on front yard as of Dec 9th and at least prior 5 days

In Progress CR-5091 12/09/18 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 10355 BLAKE ST

Car parked on lawn . Parked on lawn as of Dec 9th and prior week.

In Progress CR-5090 12/09/18 Park Maintenance HASTER ST / LAMPSON AVE

Water sprinklers had been on for a long time
Wasting so much water

Closed CR-5089 12/09/18 Other 12555 EUCLID ST

Broken pipe under ground. Plumber says it’s a city pipe. Losing lots of water. Near unit 10. Please contact board member Frits in unit 10.

Closed CR-5088 12/08/18 Other 11741 EUDORA LN

Vehicle beigh white Lexus SC400 LIC PLATE # 3BLJ019 parked outside of my home for the past 10 days. It looks like that is has not been moved from that same spot. I have small children and worry of inactivity and vehicle abandonment.
Please check and advice.
Thank you.
Linda Quach

In Progress CR-5087 12/07/18 Graffiti on Public Property DAWSON ST / WESTMINSTER AVE

Grafitti on sidewalk by traffic light post

In Progress CR-5086 12/07/18 Graffiti on Public Property CYPRESS ST / DAWSON ST

Grafitti on sidewalk

In Progress CR-5085 12/07/18 Graffiti on Public Property BOWEN ST / WOODBURY RD

White spray paint graffiti on side walk

In Progress CR-5084 12/07/18 Graffiti on Public Property BOWEN ST / WOODBURY RD

Blue spray painter Grafitti on sidewalk

Closed CR-5083 12/07/18 Abandoned Furniture BOWEN ST / WOODBURY RD

Dumped television on side walk

Closed CR-5082 12/07/18 Abandoned Furniture 13182 BENTON ST

Furniture and TV

In Progress CR-5081 12/07/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 12621 AMETHYST ST

There is what appears to be an inoperative motorhome parked in the driveway and possibly being used as a living area because it has an extension cord connected to it. Motorhome plate "ROSATI2".

In Progress CR-5080 12/07/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts EUCLID ST / WOODBURY RD

Abandoned shopping cart

In Progress CR-5079 12/07/18 Graffiti on Public Property TAFT ST / TRASK AVE

Graffiti under the 22 freeway

Closed CR-5078 12/06/18 Flood Control ORA DR / ROGER DR

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Closed CR-5077 12/06/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 13131 HILTON LN

Huge un-permitted enclosure/living space built in the back of the house.

In Progress CR-5076 12/06/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 13201 Hilton Ln

converted garage for rental, and they have 6 to 7 cars park in front of the garage and on the walkway/street every night. Garage door never open for years.

Closed CR-5075 12/06/18 Other 13351 MCEVOY LN

The house is having really bad plumbing problem with flooding and the back house walls are falling apart.

Closed CR-5074 12/06/18 Potholes on a Public Street 8881 ANTHONY AVE

Pot holes are located in back house (alley) where I park my car there are several pot holes that need to be covered up. Holes are damaging my tires.

In Progress CR-5073 12/05/18 Graffiti on Public Property 7521 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

there is graffiti and trash.

Closed CR-5072 12/05/18 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12201 TUNSTALL ST

a building/structure is built out connecting the side block wall, next to sidewalk, towards the house.

In Progress CR-5071 12/05/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12722 TUNSTALL ST

sidewalk is lifted and causing a hazard, we have seen people trip and fall.

Closed CR-5070 12/05/18 Abandoned Furniture GILBERT ST / SHANNON AVE

Discarded oversized upholstered chair on NW corner of Shannon @ Gilbert. It's been there over a week.

Closed CR-5069 12/04/18 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12842 JOY ST

At King Shocks, there is a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom constructed on the second floor of the industrial building that was built with no permits and against zoning violations. There is an employee that lives there as well.

Closed CR-5068 12/04/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 11002 FLYNN LN

They are drinking alcohol and sleeping on a bed in the garage it looks like they converted the garage into a living space

Closed CR-5067 12/04/18 Other JOYZELLE DR / MAGNOLIA ST

Package stolen today 12/4 5:32pm. Video link below. How do I get a police report number? Hopefully the bike description and white bucket used can help catch thief

Closed CR-5066 12/04/18 Abandoned Furniture 9041 Shelley Dr

Magnolia and Shelley, on the alley way.. Major cross street is magnolia and orange wood.

Closed CR-5065 12/04/18 Abandoned Furniture 9041 SHELLEY DR

Mattress and bicycle on the alley.

In Progress CR-5064 12/04/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 12241 LORNA ST


Closed CR-5063 12/04/18 Traffic Concerns BLANCHE AVE / GILBERT ST

In the late afternoon when cars are parked on both sides of Gilbert, the section of Gilbert between Blanche and Alwood is very narrow. I have witnessed multiple times that if cars are moving in the opposite direction, the school buses will wait for that opposing traffic to clear that section o...

Closed CR-5062 12/04/18 Abandoned Furniture 11972 JACALENE LN

Mattress has been on NE corner of Jacalene/Chapman for three weeks

Closed CR-5061 12/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / LEROY AVE

There is bright RED graffiti paint on the utility boxes on north side of Lampson Ave between Loraleen and Leroy and a 2nd location on the north side of Lampson between Leroy and Barbara. Both instances have the same RED paint and initials.

Closed CR-5060 12/04/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 12142 PEARCE AVE

House owner has an un permitted addition in back of house, with renters living in that area of the premises.

Closed CR-5059 12/04/18 Abandoned Furniture SHETLAND RD / SAFFORD W

Furniture off West St in right of way

Closed CR-5058 12/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property DOWNIE PL / LEWIS ST

Graffiti on block wall near Riverdale Elementary School also on wall on Lewis min same side as school

Closed CR-5056 12/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 9971 READING AVE

Graffiti is on side wall, facing Brookhurst Ave

Closed CR-5055 12/03/18 General Questions JEFFERSON ST / LARSON AVE

Is it illegal for a homeless man to live in his truck in a residential area? 2 men have been parked between Jefferson and Wilson down Larson Ave for 3 days now. They have stacked a lot of there belongings on the sidewalk area of the street parking in the residential area. It seems as though they ...

Closed CR-5054 12/03/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11222 ACACIA PKWY

ugly stuff

In Progress CR-5053 12/03/18 Trees on Public Property 12762 FIREBRAND CIR

My name Elaine Nguyen live at 12762 Firebrand cir,GG,Ca 92840,The tree in front my house belone for city GG,to big and tall very danger.Please cut or trim it.Thank you.

Closed CR-5052 12/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10451 PARK AVE

Can they send someone to please clean up this tagging out of this wall it’s on the entrance of the alley and it makes the community look bad also our kids don’t want to play out side because all this tagging makes them be afraid of going outside

Closed CR-5051 12/03/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 10208 CROSBY AVE

The truck in the following pictures is week after week parked in front of my apartment. Seemingly it is only moves when the street sweeper comes twice a month. Also, the tags expired over 6 months ago (June 2017), yet it is out parked on the street. I see that is a violation according to the Gard...

Closed CR-5050 12/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 9471 MAUREEN DR

Graffiti on the wall around the front of the property, as it curves around. Driving into the property, and makes the street look even worse than it is. The owner of the property at 9271 Maureen, collects metal, and it is covering his front porch area, and out in the drive day, where the owner t...

Closed CR-5049 12/03/18 Abandoned Furniture SPRINGDALE ST / STANFORD AVE

mattress between stanford and barker elementary

Closed CR-5048 12/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13472 ROBERTA CIR

Graffiti is on the columns of the fence on the Southside of the house facing Trask Avenue There is also Graffiti at the crosswalk going to the junior high school on the corner of Trask Avenue and Roberta Circle it’s on the power pole south side of Trask Ave.

Closed CR-5047 12/03/18 Abandoned Furniture 13472 GILBERT ST

3 Abandoned Mattresses located at Gilbert and Trask

Closed CR-5046 12/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13008 HARBOR BLVD

Graffiti about 1foot high and 2 feet long on east wall of SchoolsFirst FCU

Closed CR-5045 12/02/18 Other 13351 MCEVOY LN

Every time the tenets washing dishes or doing laundry the side of the house gets flooded I know she’s been having this problem for more then 2 years she’s told the owner but owner don’t fix it also she hasn’t been able to use one of her shower due to some sort of clogging problem owner is aware t...

In Progress CR-5044 12/02/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 12241 LORNA ST

they have total 5 familys lived there and even people live in the bathrooms all code violated and cars park all over the place

In Progress CR-5043 12/02/18 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 13152 NEWELL ST

The owner converted the garage into a living unit and is having a renter live there now. I know someone who had lived in that garage unit for a few years (they want to remain anonymous).

Closed CR-5042 12/02/18 Other 12412 GILBERT ST

Abandoned/inoperative vehicle with right rear suspension damage left on street since at least 11/27. No one checking on it; no one approaching it. Red Honda Civic, 6GMR734.

In Progress CR-5041 12/01/18 Non-permitted construction and alterations 13142 BOWEN ST

More than 50% concrete replacing yard

Closed CR-5040 12/01/18 Abandoned Furniture 10171 IMPERIAL AVE

Couches again!

Closed CR-5039 12/01/18 Abandoned Furniture 13382 HOPE ST

1 sofa and one loveseat (too dirty for love)

Closed CR-5037 11/30/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10281 CENTRAL AVE


In Progress CR-5036 11/30/18 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 10721 MAST AVE

At the listed address there are often up to three cars park on their lawn (unpaved surface) .

Closed CR-5035 11/30/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9781 ACACIA AVE

There are two shopping carts abandoned by our dumpsters.

Closed CR-5034 11/30/18 Traffic Concerns 9582 INGRAM AVE

This has been a continuous issue, I have spoke to many city officials and they finally painted the curbs red however no one patrols or gives tickets so people here don't care. I have almost crashed at least 4 times since the red painted curbs because people still park there and on the corners eve...

Closed CR-5033 11/29/18 Abandoned Furniture 12662 DALE ST

Mattress and box spring

Closed CR-5032 11/29/18 Abandoned Furniture 8612 KATELLA AVE

Someone dumped a car hood in the bushes right in front of my house. Its the bushes that separates my house from the main street Katella. Hood won't fit in my trash can. Thank you

Closed CR-5031 11/29/18 Traffic Concerns COLLEGE AVE / PINE ST

People use Pine street coming from Euclid to College to Lampson to skip that light and speed down the residential street. It happens most often from 7-10 am and from 4-7pm. There are a lot of children that walk through our neighborhood because of the close proximity to Ralston and Garden Grove HS...

Closed CR-5030 11/29/18 Other 6961 Stanford Ave

In any given year the homes and businesses near Knott and Stanford are plagued by skunks at least 3 times a year. I moved here in 2012 and that’s been my experience. It’s a very difficult smell to endure and personally the smell irritates my skin. Can Garden Grove do anything to exterminate thes...

Closed CR-5029 11/28/18 Abandoned Furniture 12621 ADELLE ST

Abandoned chair and carts

Closed CR-5028 11/28/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 14221 EUCLID ST

Trash bag on sidewalk, reported to Santa Ana in Error, Original address was 14211 N. Euclid St. Garden Grove, CA. 92843. Closest Actual address was used above.

Closed CR-5027 11/28/18 Abandoned Furniture CYPRESS ST / HAMMONTREE DR

Hello. I live in the Lone Pine community and would like to request for abandoned sofas, mattresses, and wooden pallets to be picked up ASAP. Not sure what can be done about this, but there seems to be more and more abandoned items in front of our community every week. If you have any suggestio...

Closed CR-5026 11/28/18 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 8262 STANFORD AVE

This wrecked vehicle has been here for at least several weeks so far.

In Progress CR-5025 11/27/18 Auto Repair in Residential 12682 GEORGE ST

Home owner has been running a body shop out of his residence for a few years. I have reported before with no results. I have had to step over and ask the owner not to paint cars with the garage door open because the fumes from the paint come right into my house and make it very hard to breathe. B...

Closed CR-5024 11/27/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12181 WEST ST

A few large pot holes along the crosswalk on West St. Very dangerous and hazardous to children/people using crosswalk.

Closed CR-5023 11/27/18 Other LARSON AVE / WILSON ST

Cars park in front of fire hydrants, directly on intersections, and in front of wheelchair access intersections almost everyday all down Larson Ave. Intersections with 2 way stop signs are scary to cross as many cars have almost crashed due to the lack of visibility when crossing the intersection...

Closed CR-5022 11/27/18 Abandoned Furniture 13090 CYPRESS ST

Mattress and table parts

Closed CR-5021 11/27/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13090 CYPRESS ST

Graffiti LMS 13

In Progress CR-5020 11/27/18 Other 10471 BONNIE DR

Has left trash cans on the street for a month now. Refuses to put them away.

Closed CR-5019 11/27/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13111 FAIRVIEW ST

Graffiti on the red no parking curb in theright turn lane going into Glendon St. On Fairview st

Closed CR-5018 11/27/18 Abandoned Furniture 13111 FAIRVIEW ST

Abandoned mattress and box spring leaning up against the powerpole

Closed CR-5017 11/27/18 Graffiti on Public Property ELIZABETH LN / STANFORD AVE

Graffiti on wall near utility boxes on Stanford has been there 3 weeks

Closed CR-5016 11/27/18 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / SUNGROVE ST

Going eastbound on Lampson. Left side of street beige block wall with black spray paint says BSM.

Closed CR-5015 11/27/18 Graffiti on Public Property FIREBRAND ST / LAMPSON AVE

Going eastbound on Lampson. Left side of street beige block wall white spray paint. Needs beige paint to match. Someone tried to cover it with white paint.

Closed CR-5014 11/27/18 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / OERTLY DR

Going eastbound on Lampson. Left side of street beige block wall white spray paint. Needs beige paint to match. Someone tried to cover it with white paint.

Closed CR-5013 11/26/18 General Questions MAGNOLIA ST / ORANGEWOOD AVE

West side of Magnolia between Tracy & Orangewood. This photo was taken on Nov 21st. The truck has been there for about 10 days and was still there yesterday. Left rear window is broken or missing How long can they park?

Closed CR-5012 11/26/18 Graffiti on Public Property 14221 BROOKHURST ST

Graffiti on sound wall separating neighborhood from main road. On all three sides of the wall: side facing neighborhood, end of wall, and side facing main street.