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List of Requests (100)

# Submitted Category Address Description
In Progress CR-12304 09/28/20 Abandoned Furniture EL PRADO AVE / LEWIS ST

There is a bunch of mattresses that have been dumped. It looks terrible and is very dirty. We believe the renters from 13472 moved and dumped it. It is at the corner of El Prado and Lewis ST right next to those new homes being built.

In Progress CR-12300 09/28/20 Environmental Services 12431 VALLEY VIEW ST

This morning at 5:00 I woke up to rats and a racoon rummaging through a bunch of trash bags that were thrown in the alley way behind my house at the 99 cents store alley way.

Closed CR-12299 09/28/20 Traffic Signals 13321 LAMPSON AVE

Signal light is not working and just flashing yellow. It’s a concern for us since we did have our first day of school today.

In Progress CR-12298 09/28/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12722 CHAPMAN AVE


Closed CR-12288 09/26/20 Street Signs TIFFANY AVE / VALLEY VIEW ST

I would like to report that governor Newsom‘s new playbook/mandate prohibits city signs that say slow the spread wear your mask or wash your hands etc.
I would like to erase those words off of our sign in our neighborhood thank you.

In Progress CR-12286 09/26/20 Trees on Public Property 12312 NADINE CIR

The tall tree on our front lawn is getting too big,, it has already jeopardize the cement on the sidewalk, the branches fall down from time to time, the root is growing toward our house, need to cut down the tree before it crash our house or hurt the people walking beneath the tree or crash the c...

In Progress CR-12284 09/26/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / S WILLOWBROOK LN

Graffiti on electrical box at the Chapman Commons

In Progress CR-12283 09/26/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / S WILLOWBROOK LN

More graffiti of “KS” on tree

In Progress CR-12279 09/26/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / HARBOR BLVD

Graffiti on light poles with the letters”KS” running from Harbor Blvd to Haster Street. Too many tags too send pictures.

In Progress CR-12271 09/25/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13471 SHAPELL ST

At the side of this house which is a public wall along Trask someone sprayed a lot of brown graffiti. A similar one is sprayed on a public sign on Ontario and Trask

In Progress CR-12270 09/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property BIXBY AVE / BROOKHURST ST

Graffiti at bike path

In Progress CR-12268 09/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property BROOKHURST ST / LAMPSON AVE

Black graffiti on the traffic control box on the southwest corner of Lampson Ave and Brookhurst

In Progress CR-12266 09/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / S WILLOWBROOK LN

Graffiti on electrical box

In Progress CR-12257 09/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / HASTER ST

Graffiti from Harbor Blvd to Haster St down Chapman Ave.
Too many spots were tagged to send all of those pic.
But you’ll see the KS all over the place.

Closed CR-12254 09/23/20 Abandoned Furniture 12471 BUARO ST

Small bedroom dresser on sidewalk

In Progress CR-12252 09/23/20 Potholes on a Public Street PURDY ST / TRASK AVE

Westbound Trask Ave just east of Purdy St, there is a pothole in the #1 westbound lane

Closed CR-12250 09/23/20 Abandoned Furniture 9651 MALLARD AVE

Chair recliner left been there for over a month

Closed CR-12249 09/23/20 Abandoned Furniture 9642 MALLARD AVE

People left mattresses on sidewalk!

In Progress CR-12247 09/23/20 Trees on Public Property 9721 OASIS AVE

the city planted a tree in our side yard by the culdesac. It is overgrown, the branches are hanging down on our cars and almost to the ground. I tried adding a photo but it wont allow me.

Closed CR-12246 09/23/20 Abandoned Furniture 9941 HAZARD AVE

Abandoned Mattresses and Headboards on North side of Hazard between apartments and Kerry Ave

Closed CR-12245 09/23/20 Other Public Works Issues 12976 ADELLE ST


Closed CR-12244 09/22/20 Abandoned Furniture 11761 STUART DR

There is abandoned furniture piled behind my fence - the address of the abandoned furniture is 11761 Stuart Dr. They pile furniture there and then teenagers try to jump into my back yard. I am a disabled retired lady living alone and I am afraid.
Lori norman
(I live at 11972 Sycam...

Closed CR-12241 09/22/20 Abandoned Furniture 9TH ST / CHAPMAN AVE

There is a mattress on the sidewalk on chapman between West Street and 9th.. on the right hand side if you are coming from West Street down Chapman.

Closed CR-12239 09/22/20 Street Signs 12941 ADELLE ST

An electrical pole was damaged and its tilting it can be a huge risk to the near dealership and the home around it also to the cars park near it

Closed CR-12238 09/22/20 Abandoned Furniture CHAPMAN AVE / JACALENE LN

Mattress against the wall on sidewalk located near Chapman and Jacalene Ln
Has been there for over a week now.

Closed CR-12232 09/22/20 Abandoned Furniture 11851 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Abandoned furniture from transients

Closed CR-12231 09/22/20 Graffiti on Public Property 11851 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Graffiti on two walls in the alley

Closed CR-12227 09/22/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12811 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

IDE of gardening grove Blvd infront Sungrove senior apartments

Closed CR-12226 09/22/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12811 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

IDE of gardening grove Blvd infront Sungrove senior apartments

Closed CR-12225 09/22/20 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / SUNGROVE ST

Graffiti in cable box

In Progress CR-12220 09/21/20 Graffiti on Public Property BLUE SPRUCE AVE / HASTER ST

Tagged power pole. Sidewalk tagged from Blue Spruce to Aspenwood......15-20 tags. Pole is south of Blue Spruce about 100 feet on Haster

In Progress CR-12219 09/21/20 Other Public Works Issues CHAPMAN AVE / MELODY PARK DR

On Chapman & Melody Park, the old signage has been stolen and now the blocks are beginning to fall down. One of the posts holding it up also has graffiti on it. Can you please repair it to look like its twin across the street.

Closed CR-12214 09/21/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint HARBOR BLVD / TRASK AVE


received CR-12211 09/21/20 Non-permitted construction and alterations NEWHOPE ST / WESTMINSTER AVE

There is a large empty lot right on the corner of Newhope St and Westminster Ave. and because the weeds there are very tall and the lot looks abandoned, homeless people had built a structure out of the wood branches in the middle of that lot! Please check. It's not a first time that homeless bui...

Closed CR-12209 09/21/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10062 ORANGEWOOD AVE

Follow-up to CR-12153, abandoned shopping cart in alley between 10052 and 10062 Orangewood Ave. A workorder (485358 )was created and closed, but no one picked up the cart; it's still there.

Closed CR-12208 09/21/20 Non-permitted construction and alterations 10442 LAMPSON AVE

Major ongoing roof construction with repeated violations.

Starting work at 630am
Throwing construction materials over walkways with no barriers
No communication on safety or construction to residents
Construction into apartments with debris threatening safety of residents
Rusty nails and o...

In Progress CR-12207 09/21/20 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 10751 HOLLY DR

In-operative vehicle parked in driveway.

In Progress CR-12206 09/21/20 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 12232 NELSON ST

In-operative vehicle parked in driveway, pile of trash on driveway, green water in pool...

received CR-12205 09/21/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint LAMPSON AVE / VALLEY VIEW ST

99 cents only store early morning delivery. Truck arrived at 6:45am, before the allowed time.

Closed CR-12203 09/20/20 Graffiti on Public Property CHAPMAN AVE / SPRINGDALE ST

Graffiti on curb on southwest corner.
Thank you!

Closed CR-12202 09/20/20 Abandoned Furniture 10711 HAZARD AVE

The back alley has abandon furniture and wood, that needs to be picked up!

received CR-12201 09/20/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint CHAPMAN AVE / HARBOR BLVD

Very large graffiti on the liquor store wall!

Closed CR-12200 09/20/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12952 LAMPSON AVE

In corner for a week. Under #1 covered picnic area

Closed CR-12199 09/20/20 Non-permitted construction and alterations 11041 MAC MURRAY ST

Case CR-11995 construction is still going. This case has been considered close but no answer as to if it has a permit to construct a house in the same lot with an existing house.

Closed CR-12198 09/20/20 Abandoned Furniture 9351 DEWEY DR

The pictured items have been out at the address listed for approximately three weeks now. Please remove when possible. Thank you.

Closed CR-12197 09/19/20 Abandoned Furniture 12515 WEST ST

Sofa dumped on sidewalk on Lampson Ave side of this corner house.

Closed CR-12196 09/19/20 Abandoned Furniture 11971 LAMPSON AVE

Headboard and dresser dumped in alley behind this address.

Closed CR-12194 09/19/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12701 AUDREY CIR

Corner house tagged on Blue Spruce side wall

Closed CR-12193 09/19/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13312 DOWNIE PL

Writing on wall Lewis and Downie across from Riverdale elementary

In Progress CR-12192 09/19/20 Potholes on a Public Street MAYS AVE / NEWLAND ST

N/B Newland St #2 lane just S/O Mays, there is a large 3x3 pothole nearby the apartment complex.

Closed CR-12191 09/19/20 Coyote Sighting DESMOND ST / JOYZELLE DR

two big coyotes. Spotted 1am this morning

Closed CR-12190 09/18/20 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 10911 WESTMINSTER AVE


In Progress CR-12189 09/18/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 10721 WESTMINSTER AVE


Closed CR-12188 09/18/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 12252 NELSON ST

Refrigerator at curb,doors still on ,safety issue,across from Evans school ,been there for a week,I have called on this house many times,should be fined

In Progress CR-12187 09/18/20 Auto Repair in Residential 10942 HOLLY DR

One broken down ford ranger (green) in drive way. The residents use the truck as storage for his personal handyman business they have paint cans and other chemicals spilling into the gutter along with lumber in drive way

In Progress CR-12183 09/18/20 Unpermitted Garage Sales 11331 CHAPMAN AVE

Outdoor nursery. Selling various plants via online listings. Illegal propagation of various plants. Operating a nursery without a permit

Closed CR-12182 09/18/20 Other Public Works Issues ACACIA PKWY / CIVIC CENTER DR

Way to many mosquitos in my area. I’ve check with my neighbors and nobody has any left our water. We believe it’s coming from the pond right aright near the civic center.

In Progress CR-12180 09/18/20 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12442 PENTAGON ST

Dear Sir/Madam,
I had a request (Request CR-12054) on Sep 09 2020, I don't know what the outcome is, nobody informed me. This request has been closed but the problem still remains unsolved. Every morning waste water from the condo still built up on the gutter in front of my house, the water sta...

Closed CR-12178 09/18/20 Abandoned Furniture MAC DUFF ST / YORKSHIRE AVE

On the Eastside of MacDuff near the Flood Control Gates one over stuffed grey arm chair and one queen size mattress. On the West side of MacDuff a few feet from Yorkshire Ave one brown recliner . Unable to tranfer pictures from my phone at this time. This is a continuing problem. We need signs po...

Closed CR-12177 09/17/20 Abandoned Furniture 13461 EL PRADO AVE

Second request to remove mattress near curb at 13461 El Prado Ave.

Request: CR-11952
Address: 13461 EL PRADO AVE
Category: Abandoned Furniture

Mattresses at curb at 13461 El Prado Ave.

Closed CR-12176 09/17/20 Abandoned Furniture EL PRADO AVE / LEWIS ST

Second report for same furniture, only now there is more. There are now several sets of mattresses, a sofa and some luggage piled up near the sidewalk on El Prado and Lewis.
Request: CR-11951
Category: Abandoned Furniture

Sofa and mattresses are on s...

Closed CR-12175 09/17/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13352 BROOKHURST ST

Blue Demos graffiti along the sidewalk. 3 of them nearby

Closed CR-12174 09/17/20 Abandoned Furniture MAYS AVE / YOAK ST

Mattress was moved across the street and never picked up. Please advise and schedule pick up. Is blocking sidewalk and is a tripping hazard.

Closed CR-12173 09/17/20 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN DR / ORANGEWOOD AVE

Graffiti on fence entering alley south of Orangewood at Garden dr

Closed CR-12171 09/17/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12372 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Building tagged

In Progress CR-12169 09/17/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9784 WESTMINSTER AVE

There are a lot of graffiti sprayed on the west side of the building and a lot of homeless hanging around just de-value our neighborhood.

Closed CR-12168 09/17/20 Auto Repair in Residential 10592 TEAL DR

There's a lexus gs430 plate # 7NJY858 have been parked in front this house for a months now. The guy doesn't live at that house. He's doing repair to the car and get transmission oil leak all over the street and now the car just sit there and taking up parking space. One time he goes there and sl...

In Progress CR-12167 09/17/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 12861 POPLAR ST

A toilet, a chest of drawers, and other items have been sitting in front of this residence next to the street curb for weeks. They also have trash/junk on the side wall of the house that's been there for months. I don't have a photo as I didn't know I could submit one. Please have someone check t...

In Progress CR-12166 09/17/20 Potholes on a Public Street NEWLAND ST / TRASK AVE

Bad Pot Hole located Newland Trask

Closed CR-12165 09/17/20 Graffiti on Public Property ALLARD AVE / ANZIO ST

Tons of graffiti on allard st between anzio and bayport

Closed CR-12164 09/17/20 Abandoned Furniture CHOISSER RD / TWINTREE LN

mattress and trash cans left out - never get put away down this street and the WHOLE neighborhood. Bangor/Choisser/Greentree/Twintree. Really disgusting. Seems lik no one cares both City or Residents. - Thank you in advance.

Closed CR-12163 09/17/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts CHOISSER RD / TWINTREE LN

shopping cart same place over a month. Trash cans left out all week/month on Bangor St, Greentree, Choisser, and Twintree. Really disgusting. Taking on the name of Garbage Grove. Residents need to be reminded to put trash cans in after they have been emptied. Mattress left on Twintree 3 week...

In Progress CR-12162 09/17/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 13081 DUNKLEE AVE

3 days, trash front yard

Closed CR-12161 09/17/20 Abandoned Furniture 13081 DUNKLEE AVE

Trash all over yard past 3 days

Closed CR-12160 09/17/20 Abandoned Furniture 13081 DUNKLEE AVE

Trash all over yard past 3 days

In Progress CR-12159 09/16/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 14253 BROOKHURST ST

Graffiti on the side of the building

Closed CR-12158 09/16/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 13232 NEWELL ST

This house has been putting up orange cones right outside there house for a while now and its not right for them to do that! They think they can reserve parking outside of the city street with there cones well they can't!

Closed CR-12157 09/16/20 Other Public Works Issues 13721 LIBBY LN


Overgrown lemon tree over public sidewalk. Pedestrians have to crouch or go out to curb to walk around. People with difficulty walking are having issues.

In Progress CR-12155 09/16/20 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 8532 ENAULT LN

Illegal garage conversion into living space. Living area converted and rented out. Too many residents walking in and out of property.

Closed CR-12154 09/16/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 12681 MORNINGSIDE AVE

Too many boxes and packages plus a lot of jokes keeping in front of Apartment #1

Closed CR-12153 09/16/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10062 ORANGEWOOD AVE

In alley between 10062 and 10052 Orangewood Ave.

Closed CR-12152 09/16/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12761 EUCLID ST

blue graffiti on wall at Stanford entrance to church

Closed CR-12150 09/16/20 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 12672 LINNELL AVE

There are 3 looking abandoned cars on street parked on the beginning of the streets. One of them is a white Ford explorer. They are always parked in front of the corner home on street. They seemed to be moved only on street sweeping days.

In Progress CR-12149 09/16/20 Trees on Public Property 12671 LINNELL AVE

There is a huge tree on the street causing major problems to cars when parked. The tree is also leaning over to street where it may cause some serious damaged to parked cars

Closed CR-12148 09/16/20 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) BROOKHURST ST / ORANGEWOOD AVE

White building. Next to stop light. Southwest corner.

Closed CR-12147 09/16/20 Environmental Services 10282 ORANGEWOOD AVE

Overgrown vegetation in the alley behind the address needs attendance and maintaining. This is a followup to CR-11811 after CP provided information. Thank you.

received CR-12145 09/16/20 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 12571 OHMER WAY


Closed CR-12143 09/15/20 Abandoned Furniture 13582 FLOWER ST

Trask and Brookhurst on the side of the 22 freeway. Someone came and dumped trash on the side now homeless are camping. There is shopping carts, furniture, and trash everywhere.

Closed CR-12142 09/15/20 Abandoned Furniture 12601 LAMPSON AVE

Couch on sidewalk

Closed CR-12141 09/15/20 Abandoned Furniture 13582 FLOWER ST

There is a lot of trash being thrown by the 22 freeway and in between the houses. I can’t step into my backyard because there’s men staring into the backyard. We need help we’ve tried reaching out to different people.

In Progress CR-12140 09/15/20 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 12412 PINE ST

the owner is adding an apartment in the back yard! This has to be illegal and should be stopped before construction begins. T h e owner is not a resident! This is just additional rental space in a neighborhood that cannot support it. There already is not enough parking available for the existing...

Closed CR-12139 09/15/20 Abandoned Furniture LAMPSON AVE / WESTLAKE ST

Abandoned loveseat and some carpet backing materials at 12541 Westlake Apartment Complex. Please help pick up this and advise the Apt owner of this problem. Thank you.

Closed CR-12138 09/15/20 Other Public Works Issues LAUREL ST / RANCHERO AVE

In the alley down Laurel Street there is multiple mattresses, cabinets, boxes, tables, and other trash resting against the freeway wall.

Closed CR-12137 09/15/20 Traffic Concerns WARD ST / KEDGE AVE

There appears to be an abandoned vehicle parked just on Kedge Ave off Ward St. The license plate is 2UHP945. It has been in this same location for almost two weeks. If we can have this removed, that would be great. Thank you!!!

Closed CR-12136 09/15/20 Graffiti on Public Property BLUE SPRUCE AVE / SPINNAKER ST

Tagged back of street sign

In Progress CR-12135 09/15/20 Non-permitted construction and alterations 13222 BLUE SPRUCE AVE

New roof

Closed CR-12134 09/15/20 Graffiti on Public Property 12952 LAMPSON AVE

Outhouses tagged

Closed CR-12133 09/15/20 Graffiti on Public Property ASPENWOOD AVE / HASTER ST

Tagged phone co. Box

Closed CR-12132 09/15/20 Abandoned Furniture FERNWOOD DR / LINNELL AVE

Nightstand still there. Republic never picked up anything. Linnell ave west of Fernwood

Closed CR-12131 09/15/20 Graffiti on Public Property 10512 STERN AVE

Graffiti on wall