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List of Requests (100)

# Submitted Category Address Description
Closed CR-5627 02/16/19 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 13322 KELLY ST

Appears to be inoperative vehicle parked at curb. Registration appears to be expired. Vehicle has not been moved in several months. Street sweepers have go go around it.

received CR-5539 02/14/19 Abandoned/**/Furniture 6060304


received CR-5538 02/14/19 Abandoned/**/Furniture 6060304


In Progress CR-5537 02/13/19 Graffiti on Public Property 9502 OASIS AVE

Graffiti on wall facing the street

In Progress CR-5536 02/13/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 13171 CYPRESS ST

Target cart on actual private property

In Progress CR-5535 02/13/19 Abandoned Shopping Carts BONNIE DR / CYPRESS ST

Costco cart

In Progress CR-5534 02/13/19 Abandoned Furniture 13112 CYPRESS ST

Bike parts

In Progress CR-5533 02/13/19 Abandoned Furniture 10362 HAMMONTREE DR

Metal object

In Progress CR-5532 02/13/19 Abandoned Furniture 13051 CYPRESS ST

Abandoned furniture probably originating from the address above. Not from car dealership obviously!

In Progress CR-5531 02/13/19 Abandoned Furniture HOPE ST / LARSON AVE

Next to house on corner’s fence

In Progress CR-5530 02/13/19 Abandoned Shopping Carts FLOWER ST / LARSON AVE

On Flower between Larson and Crosby

In Progress CR-5529 02/13/19 Abandoned Furniture 13222 FLOWER ST


Closed CR-5528 02/13/19 Abandoned Furniture 13301 FLOWER ST

Mattress at corner of imperial and flowet

Closed CR-5527 02/13/19 Abandoned Furniture 10125 DAKOTA AVE

Abandoned furniture

Closed CR-5526 02/13/19 Abandoned Furniture 13441 ADLAND ST

Electronics and furniture in culdesac

Closed CR-5525 02/13/19 Inoperative Vehicle on Property LARSON AVE / WILSON ST

This car was dropped off by a tow truck late last night (02/13/19) and it is crashed and inoperative because wheels are popped. The driver and a group of males including tow truck driver were drinking alcohol and throwing empty glass beer bottles on the grass sidewalk along with trash. They were...

In Progress CR-5524 02/13/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 13271 ADLAND ST

May be preparing to cement over the front yard. This would exceed the allowable amount of non-permeable landscape in their front yard. Please check before they pour.

In Progress CR-5523 02/13/19 Street Signs 6881 LAURELTON AVE

Since our streets have been repaved many months ago, no one has come back to paint "Stop" in the street. I have witnessed multiple people not stopping at all around the corners or going straight through the streets. I've driven around & all the other stops have been painted- but not either side ...

In Progress CR-5522 02/13/19 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12501 TRASK AVE

Some homeless left the shopping cart. Please help remove. It blocks the traffic. And It could be dangerous. Thank you

In Progress CR-5521 02/13/19 Potholes on a Public Street ACACIA AVE / JOSEPHINE ST

Large potholes in the middle of Acacia

In Progress CR-5520 02/13/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 11411 TACOMA ST

Weeds are very tall and yard looks horrible

Closed CR-5519 02/13/19 Traffic Concerns LAMPSON AVE / SPINNAKER ST

V.C. violations...driving in the bike lane, u-turns from right hand curb, double parking, using left turn lane for passing lane...during pickup and drop off times.

Closed CR-5518 02/13/19 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 12711 BUARO ST

Car parked in a red curb and having issues coming in and out of my residence. Same car on a nightly basis. Thank you for this app.

Closed CR-5517 02/12/19 Flood Control 11TH ST / BROOKHURST ST

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In Progress CR-5516 02/12/19 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / MORRIE LN

Tagged fence. Block wall.
Northwest corner of the tee intersection
Going on 3 weeks now.

Closed CR-5515 02/12/19 Inoperative Vehicle on Property CENTRAL AVE / CYPRESS ST

Flat tire. Damaged vehicle with debris on the side of road and in street.

Closed CR-5514 02/12/19 Abandoned Furniture 13372 WILSON ST

Box spring mattress has been in the front lawn for over a month.

received CR-5513 02/12/19 Auto Repair in Residential BLACKBIRD ST / PEARCE ST

Various homes in this culture de sac are conducting repairs on the streets

In Progress CR-5511 02/12/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property BROOKHURST ST / WESTMINSTER AVE

Graffiti on commercial bldg - 99 Cent Store

In Progress CR-5508 02/12/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 8462 ACACIA AVE

on-going construction in backyard. Rental many rooms in this house in residential zone. Possible Not report to IRS as income . There are parking problems since too many room renters in this house.

Closed CR-5507 02/12/19 Inoperative Vehicle on Property BARBARA AVE / LAMPSON AVE

This 5th wheel has been parked on the street for 2 months. Reported on this app 2 weeks ago and was told the issue was forwarded to PD and issue was closed. The 5th wherl continues to be parked on the street. The hoarder who lives at the corner of Barbara and Lampson Parker’s his not registered v...

In Progress CR-5506 02/11/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 12812 ALONZO COOK ST

Trash bins (3) and trash left in driveway in plain view 7 days a week.

Closed CR-5505 02/11/19 Abandoned Furniture 11192 MAGNOLIA ST

This alley is shared by Magnolia St. and Vinevale St. addresses, and most of the residents put their trash cans out for pickup each Monday. Three weeks ago the residents at 11192 Magnolia St. put the two tires pictured out with their trash. Republic Waste will not take tires away, and the reside...

Closed CR-5504 02/11/19 Abandoned Furniture FLAGSTONE AVE / RAINBOW ST

Three mattresses on the sidewalk have been there over two weeks.

Closed CR-5503 02/11/19 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 13201 HILTON LN

converted garage for rental, and they have 6 to 7 cars park in front of the garage and on the walkway/street every night. Garage door never open for years.

I reported this back in Dec 2018, but city staff hasn't done anything about it.

Closed CR-5502 02/11/19 Abandoned Furniture 12701 GEORGE ST

2nd request issue has not been resolved.

2 Abandoned TVs by residents. House is on a corner lot. The TVs are on “Dorada St” side.

Closed CR-5501 02/11/19 Abandoned Furniture CITY LIMITS / LARAMORE LN

Trash, boxes, clothes, housewares, .....

Closed CR-5500 02/10/19 Abandoned Furniture 9942 CENTRAL AVE

Abandoned mattress on the sidewalk. Please remove

In Progress CR-5499 02/10/19 Graffiti on Public Property 13352 BROOKHURST ST

Gang graffitti on wall in the parking lot north of the building. Please remove.

In Progress CR-5498 02/10/19 Graffiti on Public Property 13438 BROOKHURST ST

Gang Graffitti at on the wall at this location. Please remove.

In Progress CR-5496 02/10/19 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11922 GARY ST

Abandoned Shopping cart has been there a few weeks. Please remove

In Progress CR-5495 02/10/19 Graffiti on Public Property BESTEL AVE / MAGNOLIA ST

Graffiti on the block wall on Bestel.

In Progress CR-5494 02/10/19 Graffiti on Public Property BROOKDALE DR / YOCKEY ST

The block wall has been graffitied multiple times on the west side of Yockey.

In Progress CR-5493 02/10/19 Graffiti on Public Property 13111 MONROE ST

graffiti on back walls in alley

Closed CR-5492 02/10/19 Abandoned Furniture 13111 MONROE ST

Furniture and trash in rear of property in alley.

Closed CR-5491 02/10/19 Graffiti on Public Property 9782 WESTMINSTER AVE

Graffitti on the side of the building next to the side walk on the east side of Kerry south of Westminster Blvd. Also homeless individuals are always camping here. Please help them with services as well if you can.

Closed CR-5490 02/10/19 Abandoned Furniture 13171 MONROE ST

Trash and furniture in cul de sac.

In Progress CR-5489 02/10/19 Graffiti on Public Property 13072 FAIRVIEW ST

Graffiti and tan electrical cabinet in front of the church by the driveway north side of driveway

Closed CR-5488 02/10/19 Abandoned Furniture 12821 PEARCE ST

Abandon tan couch on sidewalk

Closed CR-5487 02/09/19 Abandoned Furniture FLAGSTONE AVE / HARBOR BLVD

Mattresses have been dumped on the lawn between two houses at that intersection. They have been there approximately 2 weeks.

In Progress CR-5486 02/09/19 Graffiti on Public Property 13082 ALLARD AVE

Graffiti on sidewalk

In Progress CR-5485 02/09/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12842 ASPENWOOD LN

I am a neighbor of this family and this family has been building illegal rooms for illegal renting. They build without permits and very dangerous doing bathroom, gasline without city permits. Please schedule an inspection to take a look at the house. They have so many people renting in there ille...

In Progress CR-5484 02/08/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 8452 STANFORD AVE

Multiple additions to the property. Converted open patio into enclosed bedroom and kitchen. Additional room added.

Closed CR-5483 02/08/19 Abandoned Furniture 13802 NEWHOPE ST

This is a test

In Progress CR-5481 02/08/19 Graffiti on Public Property HAZARD AVE / KERRY ST

Additional Graffiti on block wall (left side of picture). Looks like it is a response to the original graffiti (shown on the right side of the picture, which was reported earlier this week).

Closed CR-5480 02/08/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter HUNT AVE / MONARCH ST

Trucks parking on street and doing truck maintenance on them and leaving trash their trash behind

In Progress CR-5479 02/08/19 Park Maintenance 12781 TOPAZ ST

Edgar Park. Could you put a ‘no dogs allowed’ sign in the childrens play area. Eastgate Park has that sign posted. Thanks.

Closed CR-5478 02/08/19 Flood Control ORA DR / ROGER DR

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Closed CR-5477 02/07/19 Potholes on a Public Street BUENA ST / WESTMINSTER AVE

There is a huge hole at the end of Buena St that City workers cut out when they were working. But they never came back to fill it. 1 have a2017 Honda Civic that has already gotten a punctured tire and my alignment of getting destroyed be cause of this hole that I have to drive over several times ...

Closed CR-5476 02/07/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 10892 RANNEY AVE

New construction no permit

Closed CR-5475 02/07/19 Traffic Signals CHAPMAN AVE / NUTWOOD ST

The North/South signal at Nutwood & Chapman takes forever to turn green. Can the timing be changed??

Closed CR-5473 02/07/19 Coyote Sighting 11421 LARKIN DR

Coyote hoped fence from Gilbert Elementary (assumed), into back yard of residence and then hoped fence to the front yard and proceeded down Larkin Drive. Gilbert Elementary backs this residence, which is concerning because there are children/families walking up Larkin Drive to Gilbert Elementary...

In Progress CR-5472 02/07/19 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 12682 KATHY LN

There are a lot of new people just moved in to this home. The owner still lives there, but converted the garage and the covered patio into living areas to rent out to these people.
This create an unsafe neighborhood.
These new people cause parking issues. Some time park on neighbors's drivew...

Closed CR-5471 02/06/19 Abandoned Furniture 12691 LUCILLE AVE

Pickup of couches, chair and toilet. All curb side.

Closed CR-5470 02/06/19 Traffic Concerns BARBARA AVE / LAMPSON AVE

There is an oversized trailer at the location noted; by now it has been over a month
It becomes view obstruction and dangerous for drivers coming out of the driveway as shown in the picture, in particular for left hand turning.
The trailer carries a license plate - 1NA6822.
Is that legal to...

Closed CR-5469 02/06/19 Sewer 9591 ROYAL PALM BLVD


In Progress CR-5468 02/06/19 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 9591 ROYAL PALM BLVD

overgrown trees/vegetation & empty swimming pools with the recent rain; now we got MOSQUITOES everywhere!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

Closed CR-5467 02/06/19 Abandoned Furniture 12701 GEORGE ST

2nd TV Abandoned also parking on the lawn these are new residence. please provide information code violation and large item pick up available through Republic.

Closed CR-5466 02/06/19 Graffiti on Public Property KENSINGTON LN / LAMPSON AVE

There is graffiti on the back and/or front of several traffic signs at multiple locations. There is graffiti on the back of STOP signs at both ends of Kensington Ln (Lampson/Kensington & Nutwood/Kensington). The STOP sign at the intersection of Lampson and Nutwood has white colored graffiti o...

In Progress CR-5464 02/05/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12311 BROWNING RD

Unpermitted patio cover in backyard. On-going remodeling.

In Progress CR-5463 02/05/19 Graffiti on Public Property FIREBRAND ST / LAMPSON AVE

Black spray paint says SAW on left side of Lampson Ave going east at firebrand st just before Haster st. Beige block wall.

In Progress CR-5462 02/05/19 Graffiti on Public Property LAMPSON AVE / SUNGROVE CIR

Black spray paint on left side on Lampson ave going east on beige block wall.

In Progress CR-5461 02/05/19 Graffiti on Public Property DARNELL ST / LAMPSON AVE

Black spray paint says SAW on beige block wall on right side on Lampson ave going eastbound just after Darnell St and before Harbor

Closed CR-5460 02/05/19 Street Signs 9022 SHERLOCK CIR

This street has signs posted on both sides of the street that was put up by the city and the issue is that cars are blocking the entry to my drive way as well as the neighbor next to me, parking and traffic is becoming a problem because this is a dead end street. The signs display "Residential P...

In Progress CR-5459 02/05/19 Auto Repair in Residential 13171 CYPRESS ST

It seems my neighbor has been or is running a auto repair shop at his home. The street for the past few years has always had cars, but it has now becoming an issue. It is hard to find parking in the street and it is also not right that he has all these cars and he just seems to keep bringing in m...

In Progress CR-5458 02/05/19 Graffiti on Public Property CYPRESS ST / MILDRED AVE


In Progress CR-5457 02/05/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 10771 BLAKE ST

a patio cover was built on the side without permit on 10771 blake street, garden grove, garden grove, ca 92843

Closed CR-5456 02/05/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter GARDEN DR / GERALDINE RD

Street is on Geraldine btwn Garden Dr and Purcell. It is an ongoing problem with cars parked on sidewalk DAILY. We must enter into street to pass by. Many disabled folks in wheelchairs, children on bikes ,walking to school,or simply walking our dogs. This creates a public safety hazard . I belie...

In Progress CR-5455 02/05/19 Graffiti on Public Property HAZARD AVE / KERRY ST

Graffiti on 2 sections of block wall on the northwest corner

In Progress CR-5454 02/04/19 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11232 CYNTHIA AVE

Car has not moved for months. I walk passed it every night walking my dog and usually there is a male sleeping. I've noticed multiple citations over the time building up on one another

Closed CR-5453 02/04/19 Potholes on a Public Street DOWNIE PL / FAIRVIEW ST

(Friday, February 1, 2019)I was turning left from Garden Grove Blvd onto Fairview St and as I was in the right lane; there was no lighting where the lane was emerging into one and my car went into a huge pothole a little before the church, causing my tire to pop. I had to get a new tire this pas...

Closed CR-5452 02/04/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12372 BROOKHURST ST

The business name is Pickle Banh Mi Co. where there is an UNSAFE Electrical Issue.
The Electrical Switchgear that provides power to this building is missing multiple metal covers on the front of the Switchgear.
It is located in a room on the outside of the building behind the drive-thru window...

In Progress CR-5451 02/04/19 Business in Residential Zone 12122 FLAGSTONE AVE

Hi. There is a yellow business food truck belong to address 12122 flagstone. This vehicle is park here in the day time with electric power cord that runs to the house and pack supplies.I call about this issue two months ago and nothing had been done.

Closed CR-5450 02/04/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12932 DALE ST

My complaint can be tied with my previous complaint CR-5449. Because there is no sidewalk on my side of Dale street people are constantly driving up on my property to make u turns, to wait for people that live in the apartments across the street, or to wait for someone at the mechanic at the cor...

In Progress CR-5449 02/04/19 Potholes on a Public Street 12932 DALE ST

There is a giant pot hole in front of my drive way. With all the heavy rain it has grown in size. Getting in and out of my driveway without running the pothole over is near impossible. I do not have a picture of it with me at this time. but I can supply a picture when I get home. The major c...

Closed CR-5448 02/04/19 Abandoned Furniture 8352 CENTRAL AVE

Sectional couch dumped , Pillows of couch scattered along north wall on central ave!

In Progress CR-5447 02/04/19 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / SUNGROVE ST

Graffiti on both cable boxes. Also, in the side walk near those boxes.

Closed CR-5446 02/04/19 Abandoned Furniture 12701 GEORGE ST

Abandoned TV by residents. House is on a corner lot. The TV is on “Dorada St” side.

Closed CR-5445 02/04/19 Business in Residential Zone CHAPMAN AVE / WEST ST

Resident reported to County of Orange, Public Works Department that businesses adjacent to the West Street Basin at Chapman in Garden Grove are dumping trash and debris into the basin.

Closed CR-5444 02/03/19 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 10092 CHAPMAN AVE

Sidewalk near building on Brookhaven St has a broken cover to the gas meter. Please check

Closed CR-5443 02/03/19 Traffic Concerns LAMPSON AVE / MORRIE LN

Location: 200 yards west of Morrie on Lampson.
This RV has been camping here for over a month now. Over a week ago Garden Grove police were there talking/checking it out. The next day it was still there and has not been moved yet. There is a HUGE pile of trash there as well.
Guys on bikes com...

Closed CR-5442 02/03/19 Abandoned Furniture LINNELL AVE / TAFT ST

Large tv left on the sidewalk on Taft street next to the house on the corner of linnell avenue

Closed CR-5441 02/03/19 Non-permitted construction and alterations 12371 PEARCE ST

The owner of this property is performing a complete renovation without permits. They redoing windows, plumbing and electrical. Please send someone out to stop the work until they get proper permits.

Closed CR-5440 02/02/19 Environmental Services 13191 LILLY ST

We have a dead stray cat in the street near our house. Not sure if this is the best way to report it but thought I would try. Thank you.

In Progress CR-5439 02/01/19 Potholes on a Public Street 9TH ST / CHAPMAN AVE

The road in front of of the neighborhood (Gail) to 9th is really bad. Loose gravel and potholes.

In Progress CR-5438 02/01/19 Short-Term Rental in Residential Zone 12342 HARBOR BLVD

Hostel/ Budget rooms in residential space. "Crash Pod"

Closed CR-5437 02/01/19 Abandoned Furniture HARBOR BLVD / TWINTREE AVE

Garbage and furniture abandoned in the alley west of Harbor between Twintree Ave and Lampson (Grannys Donuts Alley)

Closed CR-5436 02/01/19 Water 12261 MANLEY ST

water leak at street main. water filling up in water main meter at street

In Progress CR-5435 02/01/19 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 10011 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

cabinets, store Fixtures, Chair
Dumped on property since January 10
also homeless trash at Dumpster for Same Property, also plywood in street ,Brook Hurst way

Closed CR-5434 02/01/19 Flood Control 11TH ST / BROOKHURST ST

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