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Closed CR-4336 08/14/18 Environmental Services 6142 Belgrave Ave

I have caught 4 rats in my back yard in the last 3 nights. Rat problem in flood channel.

Closed CR-4333 08/13/18 Potholes on a Public Street 10202 Orangewood Ave

A pothole has been forming for weeks now (ever since Water Treatment testing was done near Lake Intermediate). The pothole has gotten much worse. Already called in a few weeks ago but no one has been out to see it yet.

In Progress CR-4332 08/12/18 Abandoned Furniture 12361 Lampson Ave

Mattress dumped in street. Go east on Lampson just before Darnell st on left side

In Progress CR-4331 08/12/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12591 Shelley Dr Apt 3

There are pot holes in the alley behind my apartment.

In Progress CR-4329 08/12/18 Abandoned Furniture 12591 Shelley Dr Apt 3

There is furniture and trash in the allies.

In Progress CR-4328 08/11/18 Abandoned Furniture 12561 Cardinal Ave

A discarded sofa.

In Progress CR-4327 08/11/18 Abandoned Furniture 13512 Clinton St

Discarded mattress and furniture.

Closed CR-4322 08/10/18 Street Signs 12748 Brookhurst St

Hi again, I am re-sending this because I have not had a response since the original send date of 7-29-18. Perhaps it got lost somewhere? Would you know if anyone is working on this problem?

From: SkipnDawn
Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2018 12:05 PM

Closed CR-4321 08/10/18 Street Signs 12702 Morningside Ave Apt 3

The large NO PARKING signs have been stolen or removed from posts and vehicles are now illegally parking. Red curbs were also painted over with black spray paint. Vehicles have been cited here in the past.

In Progress CR-4319 08/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 12469 West St

Coffee table dumped on sidewalk

Closed CR-4318 08/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 6231 Santa Rita Ave

Residents at 6231 Santa Rita have left furniture on their front lawn for over 1 week. The furniture appears abandoned, but is on their property. This is a constant issue.

In Progress CR-4317 08/09/18 Trees on Public Property 6602 Cerulean Ave


In Progress CR-4316 08/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 9061 La Grand Ave

Mattress on the corner for a week now...

In Progress CR-4315 08/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 13511 Roxey Dr

King size mattress and box springs

In Progress CR-4314 08/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 13711 Yoak St

This trash is placed on the parkway of the corner house, which is on Mays and the alley to the homes facing Magnolia. Couch, fish tanks, bed rails, wooden bookcase, box of trash

Closed CR-4313 08/09/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9091 Orangewood Ave

Shopping cart on north side

In Progress CR-4312 08/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 13605 Euclid St

Please pick up the mattress that was left behind.

In Progress CR-4311 08/09/18 Trees on Public Property 11822 Beauxwood St

I have a large pine tree in front of our house that use to be trimmed every year. I believe it changed to every 2 years and now its been over two years. It is very large and a branch is starting to hang out low and over the driveway. I'm wondering if there is any plans to trim this tree someti...

Closed CR-4310 08/09/18 Traffic Concerns 9061 La Grand Ave

Unpermitted RV has been parked on this street for a week now...

Closed CR-4309 08/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 12662 Dale St Apt 103

Mattress, box springs, couch

In Progress CR-4308 08/08/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12091 Lampson Ave

Across the street from the school is a long beige block wall, red graffiti spray paint on wall directly across from school office.

Closed CR-4307 08/08/18 Abandoned Furniture 12802 Lemonwood Ln

An old couch has been in the alley for months now. It is behind a house with renters in it. Not sure if this is the correct address, but it is about the 4th or 5th house down the alley on the Woodland house side.
There are other areas in the alley that also have large items that the regular tr...

Closed CR-4306 08/07/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 11581 Ellery Dr

Contractor drove onto approach to dump cement and cracked the approach to driveway. Owner believes the approach is city property and should be fixed.
Rental property:
11602 Ellery Drive
Garden Grove

Closed CR-4305 08/06/18 Abandoned Furniture 13515 Robyn Ct

Three abandoned mattress on southwest corner of Trask Ave. &Robyn Ct.

In Progress CR-4304 08/05/18 Environmental Services 13622 Garden Grove Blvd

Somebody dumped a bunch of trash on the parkway on the southside of Garden Grove Boulevard between Lewis st. and Siemon Street

Closed CR-4303 08/05/18 Environmental Services 13472 Lilly St

There is grass and weeds growing in the gutter it won’t let the water drain to the storm drain this is a health hazard It is a place for mosquitoes to breed

Closed CR-4302 08/05/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13162 Penny Ln

There is graffiti on the yellow caution signs On Fairview St., andGlendon st. even though the address on the map says Penny Lane

In Progress CR-4301 08/05/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 13300 Garden Grove Blvd

There is two abandon shopping carts by the power pole eastdriveway

In Progress CR-4300 08/05/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12472 McLeod St

Two broken area on the road that makes it difficult for bicyclist and could potentially cause injuries or a fall.

In Progress CR-4299 08/05/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 6361 Vanguard Ave

Street gutter pushed up from tree roots. Water collects in front of driveway.

In Progress CR-4297 08/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13382 Greentree Ave

Tagging on wall

In Progress CR-4296 08/04/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12301 Maypole Dr

Pavement is failing in middle of street

In Progress CR-4295 08/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12791 Nutwood St

This is one the corner of nut wood st and park ave it has been tag lately a lot by gang members Garden Grove PD needs to patrol more often can the city of garden grove send someone to clean this mess please

In Progress CR-4294 08/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10421 Park Ave Apt B

The entrance of the alley on park ave it has been tag lately a lot and know one comes from the city to clean it up

Closed CR-4293 08/03/18 Potholes on a Public Street 9231 Imperial Ave

Round steel plate in the middle of the street in front of above address. Asphalt holding the plate was broken creating a deep bump. Might damage vehicles tires running over or cause injuries for motocyclists.

Closed CR-4292 08/02/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 11741 Bartlett St

Sidewalk access is obstructed by over grown bushes from house/houses on Bixler St.
The location is approximately the north east side of Euclid between Chapman and Bixler (just past the car wash and Starbucks). When walking on sidewalk, it is nearly impossible to dodge the bushes and stay on th...

Closed CR-4291 08/02/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 11292 Euclid St

General Question, there is not a category designated for it.
Why are the Medians on Euclid St., between Chapman and Orangewood not cared for?
The grass is dead, never watered and mowed once in a while. I've lived here for 35 years, I find this unacceptable and very sad actually. I drive aroun...

In Progress CR-4290 08/02/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11431 Euclid St

graffiti is on the block wall on Orangewood. South west corner of Euclid and Orangewood, between Euclid and Varna Street.

Closed CR-4287 08/02/18 Abandoned Furniture 13136 Nelson St

this couch has been sitting infant of my apartment complex for two weeks. the house next door sat it in front of my apartments and just left it there. there are kids playing on it falling into the street. I am the manager of the apartments I need to know what to do.

Closed CR-4286 08/02/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9781 Acacia Ave Apt 3

There are many shopping carts at our property. We wish they would be removed as soon as possible. They are always up and down our street, and end up in the back of our building by the dumpsters. There is one blue one and one silver metal one.

Thank you in advance,
Cliff ...

Closed CR-4285 08/02/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 10892 Forbes Ave

Leaking Sewer for about 2-3 days

Closed CR-4284 08/02/18 Trees on Public Property 6651 Stanford Ave

A large branch, approx. 10-12" in diameter, from a tree along the street has broken and is laying in the street and on the sidewalk.

In Progress CR-4283 08/02/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13312 Downie Pl

Graffiti on the block wall across the street

Closed CR-4282 08/01/18 Traffic Concerns 12731 Aspenwood Ln

Many cars don't respect the stop sign and they drive right past it. During evening hours cars often speed while pedestrians are walking around.

Closed CR-4281 08/01/18 Abandoned Furniture 11382 Woodbury Rd

Couch and misc. Have been there a month and a half. Trashy neighbors...

Closed CR-4280 08/01/18 Sewer 11722 Chapman Ave

This guy re-plumbed the house and sewer line to back of curb without a permit

Closed CR-4279 08/01/18 Traffic Concerns 9731 Blanche Ave

Behind our home is an ally, which cars are racing down and their is a corner where cars are turning fast not knowing if a car is coming on the opposite side. It would be nice to get speed bumps down the ally way and a mirror on the turning corners ( first and end corner of the ally).

Closed CR-4278 08/01/18 Water Wasting 12632 Annette Cir

Last time my plumber did some work he found out the city's water meter was leaking in front of this address.

In Progress CR-4277 08/01/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11201 Euclid St # 24

Graffiti on the south wall of Palma Vista west of Euclid.

Closed CR-4276 08/01/18 Abandoned Furniture 13182 Yockey St Apt 19

I love at 8620 Meadow Brook at the Meadow Brook Townhouses on YOCKEY/Trask There is a huge couch and bed mattress that’s been here for a week and no one has picked it up. It’s blocking traffic and now there a huge broken branch because of the furniture too.
Thank you for your help!!

In Progress CR-4275 07/31/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13412 McEvoy Ln

Northeast corner McEvoy Lane and Fondren

Closed CR-4273 07/31/18 Abandoned Furniture 13392 McEvoy Ln

What's left of a coffee table and a 5ft plastic panel probably from a car interior
Northeast corner of McEvoy Lane and Fondren near the fire hydrant

In Progress CR-4272 07/31/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10152 Crosby Ave

Council Member Phat Bui reported seeing grafitti at Hope St and Crosby Ave or possibly Hope St and Central Ave

Closed CR-4270 07/30/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12742 Arletta Cir

There is a box marked CATV in front of 12751 Arletta Circle that has a broken cover. I stepped on the box while walking, and the whole cover sunk into the box, almost twisting my ankle. I'm hoping the city has a contact at Spectrum who can fix the box. I tried calling their 800 number, and they w...

In Progress CR-4269 07/30/18 Potholes on a Public Street 13016 Aspenwood Ave

Pothole is in the middle of the street at this location.

Closed CR-4268 07/29/18 Environmental Services 9352 Dewey Dr

Old mattresses have been on the curb for months.

Closed CR-4267 07/29/18 Environmental Services 11212 Vinevale St

Concerned about the possibility of a green unkempt pool.

Closed CR-4266 07/29/18 Abandoned Furniture 13222 Newland St

box spring, headboard and mattress under the freeway overpass on Newland Street

Closed CR-4265 07/29/18 Abandoned Furniture 13222 Newland St

box spring, headboard and mattress under the freeway overpass on Newland Street

In Progress CR-4264 07/29/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12471 Merrill St

Black graffiti on east side of utility box facing Merrill St. Box is on Lampson ave.

Closed CR-4263 07/29/18 Abandoned Furniture 12469 West St

Old box TV on sidewalk for pickup

Closed CR-4262 07/29/18 Water 12161 Wilken Way

The concrete cover to water main valve at 12161 Wilken Way has been damaged for some time (see pic). I am concerned that neighborhood kids riding bikes & scooters will get hurt.

In Progress CR-4261 07/28/18 Potholes on a Public Street 10251 Hill Rd

Manhole is missing asphalt around the hole.

In Progress CR-4260 07/28/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12494 Harbor Blvd

Graffiti on the wall
Northeast corner

In Progress CR-4259 07/27/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 13622 Garden Grove Blvd

Curb at the end of the sidewalk the red paint is faded Out. Needs to be repainted

Closed CR-4258 07/27/18 Street Signs 12402 El Rancho Pl

Somebody has a bent down the speed limit sign on the sidewalk the maps say it’s on EL Ranchero but it’s on Garden Grove Boulevard north side of Garden Grove Boulevard between Palm Street and Harbor Boulevard

In Progress CR-4257 07/27/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12391 Pearce St

The sidewalk that leads to the foot bridge over the freeway is grown up with weeds and is filthy dirty also Graffiti on the west wall

Closed CR-4256 07/27/18 Street Signs 12302 Garden Grove Blvd

The no parking anytime sign from rainbow street to blackbird street have lost their color and a hard to read and some of them have graffiti on them that’s on the southside of Garden Grove Boulevard from rainbow street to blackbird street

Closed CR-4255 07/27/18 Abandoned Furniture 13471 Roxey Dr

Somebody has an abandoned a mattress in back of the house in the alley

In Progress CR-4254 07/27/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12312 Casper St

A water main broke underground, it has been repaired, however the area of the street that was cut has uneven pavement and a pot hole which could lead to an injury.

Closed CR-4253 07/27/18 Abandoned Furniture 12912 Brookhurst St

Across from Arpin on lampson ave

In Progress CR-4252 07/26/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12121 Magnolia St

Graffiti on brick wall

Closed CR-4251 07/26/18 Environmental Services 7200 Acacia Ave

Homeless setting up camp in Riverbed between freeway and Calvary Chapel Church WestGrove

In Progress CR-4250 07/25/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13002 Siemon Ave

Graffiti on the light post andthe sidewalk on the corner of Simone Ave. and Garden Grove Blvd.

In Progress CR-4249 07/23/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12955 Main St

Graffiti on dumpster enclosure in parking lot behind 12951 Main

Closed CR-4248 07/23/18 Abandoned Furniture 8521 Chapman Ave

Abandon furniture and various other garbage dumped in alley. This has been a recurring issue.

Closed CR-4247 07/23/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11200 Stanford Ave

Graffiti on the steps/entrance of the Library, Stanford side.

Closed CR-4246 07/22/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12850 Palm St Unit 8

Vehicles, esp trucks, parked right at the corner of Palm St/El Rey Pl & Palm St/El Rancho creates hazardous crash conditions. Can the City install no parking spaces on those corners (like red paint) ?

Closed CR-4245 07/22/18 Abandoned Furniture 10069 Hidden Village Rd

As I reported before, there is a couch, mattress, a plywood box (large) and a bare box spring that has been in the PG&E area between Lampson and Brookhurst.
I have reported this before and got a notification that it was taken care of. As of today 7-22 they are all still there!!!

In Progress CR-4244 07/22/18 Graffiti on Public Property 6432 Anthony Ave

The steel guard rail has multiple gang graffiti marks located N/E of the Springdale overpass of the 22fwy . Also the concrete sidewalk in the same area has graffiti too . Will need a strong power washer to tackle the project

Closed CR-4243 07/22/18 Street Signs 12411 Valley View St

There is a street sign that has been bent over adjacent to the Burger King on Valley View Street.

Closed CR-4242 07/21/18 Abandoned Furniture 12151 Arkley Dr

Rolled up discarded carpeting has been on this location's driveway for over 6 months. Now a broken chest of drawers has been added to the clutter for the last 4 weeks.

Closed CR-4241 07/21/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13466 Garden Grove Blvd

I gave the wrong address for this on report #
Request: CR-4239 It is 13500 Garden Grove Blvd

graffiti on the wall

Closed CR-4240 07/21/18 Abandoned Furniture 13121 Lewis St


In Progress CR-4239 07/21/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13466 Garden Grove Blvd

13500 Lewis

In Progress CR-4238 07/21/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11902 Brookhurst St

Graffiti on wall behind union bank

Closed CR-4237 07/20/18 Environmental Services 13921 Ward St

Remove a large Pine Tree, the pine needles keeps falling into our pumping vent pipes and causing clogs in our plumbing system.

In Progress CR-4236 07/20/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11361 Bowles Ave

abandoned shopping cart . been here for three days. Green handle reads MOMS MARKET.

Closed CR-4235 07/20/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11460 Knott St

Public bus stop 2415 with canopy # 7410 has been tagged with graffiti in several areas which present a poor image for the business community.

Closed CR-4234 07/20/18 Street Signs 13280 Harbor Blvd

City street sign at intersection of 13280 Habor Blvd. and 12000 Flagstone is bent and difficult to see.

Closed CR-4233 07/20/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12916 Main St

There is graffiti on the electrical cabinet in front of the handicap parking space and also on the building foundation to the east of the electrical cabinet

In Progress CR-4232 07/20/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13011 Lewis St

Graffiti on the K rail on corner of garden grove boulevard and Lewis Street

In Progress CR-4231 07/20/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13011 Lewis St

Graffiti on the painted block wall on the corner of Garden Grove Blvd. &Lewis st.

In Progress CR-4229 07/17/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13181 Lampson Ave Spc 128

Graffiti on the entire wall of the coldesac. Not the first time this had happened. Frequently see people jumping the wall from the apartment complex to our neighborhood. This was brought up during a neighborhood watch meeting but no action has happened.

In Progress CR-4228 07/17/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12077 Euclid St

Euclid and Chapman on wall by jack in the box

In Progress CR-4226 07/17/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13472 Roberta Cir

Graffiti on the curb by the storm drain and the block wall fence. on the corner of Roberta Circle and Trask Avenue facing the junior high school

In Progress CR-4225 07/17/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13002 Siemon Ave

Graffiti on Painted block wall facing Garden Grove Boulevard

Closed CR-4224 07/16/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11362 Biscayne Blvd

Three shopping carts in front of the ditch at Joyzelle and Biscayne Blvd

Closed CR-4223 07/16/18 Abandoned Furniture 12322 Thackery Dr

Two couches address is closer to 12430 Twintree

In Progress CR-4222 07/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13402 McEvoy Ln

Graffiti on northeast sidewalk of McEvoy Lane and Fondren