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List of Requests (100)

# Submitted Category Address Description
received CR-10082 04/03/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 7TH ST / GARDEN GROVE BLVD

City code enforcement officers are harassing citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enforcement of "overgrown lawns" is not listed within Governor Newsom's list of Essential Services. Not only are you endangering the health of such non-essential workers, but are causing intentional infliction of ...

Closed CR-10081 04/03/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9922 KATELLA AVE

Harvest Fresh Markets , I noticed they are not following safe distancing, so many customers in at same time and close to each other.

Closed CR-10080 04/03/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13441 HOPE ST

More LMS, etc. graffiti on sidewalk at dead end of street at Trask Avenue

Closed CR-10079 04/03/20 Graffiti on Public Property DAKOTA AVE / HOPE ST

More LMS graffiti on corner wall.

Closed CR-10078 04/03/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13122 BENTON ST

More LMS etc. graffiti on wall across the street from apartments at 13122 Benton.

In Progress CR-10077 04/03/20 Abandoned Furniture 12811 WILDGOOSE ST

Mattress and chair have been on the devil strip for about a week and a half, abandoned

In Progress CR-10076 04/03/20 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 12821 KNOTT ST

The entire property has trash junk stored everywhere and thrown everywhere, everything is overgrown weeds are 5 foot tall bushes or out-of-control lawn everything needs to be trimmed maintained on a regular basis, the leasing company should be in charge of hiring somebody on a permanent basis. It...

Closed CR-10075 04/03/20 Water Wasting 12352 LAVINA LN

This neighbor wastes tons of water by washing down his driveway and curb quite often. It is maddening to see!

Closed CR-10074 04/03/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9181 TRASK AVE

This is not a complaint. I am responding to a letter from Julie Robbins, claiming we have a short term rental. Please call me as soon as possible at 714-544-6565 to clear up this matter. Our apartments have month-to-month written contracts. We do not allow unauthorized persons to reside, or...

Closed CR-10073 04/03/20 Other Public Works Issues 13132 MAGNOLIA ST

Street light out on traffic island. Between GG Blvd and Cannery

In Progress CR-10072 04/02/20 Abandoned Furniture 9091 LAMPSON AVE

Old broken sofa couch laying in street.

In Progress CR-10071 04/02/20 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 11871 ROBERT LN

The landlor has built an extra restroom in the garage and has converted a garage ( which doesn't qualify with the requirements) to living space and she has been renting it to many people for few years. It's illegal and she has not got permit from the city for it.

Closed CR-10069 04/02/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts MORRIE LN / TYHURST RD

Shopping cart on north corner.

Closed CR-10067 04/02/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 5531 LAURELTON AVE

Tenant moved out last weekend and left a pile of trash and furniture at the curb. Its blocking the sidewalk and spilling over into my yard with people picking through it. Someone came by yesterday and brought in the trash cans but decided to leave the pile of debris.

In Progress CR-10066 04/01/20 Abandoned Furniture 12671 LUCILLE AVE

Couches and tables for disposal.

Closed CR-10065 04/01/20 Flood Control CHAPMAN AVE / GILBERT ST

The "gate" that secures the flood control channel is open. The gate sits across the street from the Social Security Office. Earlier today there were 2 City trucks that had entered, but by 5:30 pm they are gone and the gate is open and unlocked.

Closed CR-10064 04/01/20 Traffic Signals MAGNOLIA ST / MAYS AVE

There are two issues with the traffic lights at Magnolia and Mays.
1. The walk indicator across Magnolia is activated each cycle even when there are no pedestrians.
2, The left turn arrow in both directions from Magnolia to Mays is activated each cycle even when there are no cars in the left tu...

Closed CR-10063 04/01/20 Graffiti on Public Property 9842 COVENTRY MDWS


I lived in the Livingston Meadows Community on Westminster between Brookhurst & Kerry st. There are graffiti on two front walls of my community that recently appeared. Could you send someone to cover this? This is happening often in this area, I’m wondering is there anything can be done...

Closed CR-10062 04/01/20 Graffiti on Public Property 3522 WESTMINSTER AVE

Rainbow auto body building.

In Progress CR-10061 04/01/20 Potholes on a Public Street 9411 OMA PL

pot hole in middle of street

Closed CR-10060 04/01/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9786 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Last Friday, I saw 2000 Points Billiards open with customers inside that did not appear to be practicing adequate social distancing. It is not an essential business, and it should be closed during this pandemic.

In Progress CR-10059 04/01/20 Potholes on a Public Street 11161 PALOMA AVE

Good morning,
Due to the heavy rains, a pothole formed on Paloma Avenue. I've attached a picture that was captured on Google maps where the pothole can be found. Please note this is NOT a current picture of the reported pothole. If additional information is needed, please feel free to contact m...

In Progress CR-10058 04/01/20 Unmaintained Landscape (dead lawn, overgrown) 10602 SCHOONER AVE

overgrown front lawn and parkway

In Progress CR-10057 04/01/20 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter BOLSA AVE / WARD ST

the sidewalk that needs to be fixed is on Ward St near Ketch Ave in GG I have attached a photo to show how dangerous the sidewalk is and someone get could hurt.

Closed CR-10056 03/31/20 Graffiti on Public Property BROOKHURST WAY / STANFORD AVE

On southwest corner

In Progress CR-10055 03/31/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 10411 JENNRICH AVE

My grandpa has been a hoarder for over 15 years and has never let any of our family members try to clean his living spaces. In light of COVID-19, we attempted to clean his area with him fighting back to not touch his things. It has gotten out of control because he defecates and urinates in a buck...

In Progress CR-10054 03/31/20 Abandoned Furniture LAKE KNOLL AVE / NEWLAND ST

couch on southbound side of newland street. Mattress on northbound side of newland street.

In Progress CR-10053 03/31/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 13801 LAUREL ST

Operating a commercial business in residential neighborhood. Blocking street when loading and unloading trucks. Complaint CR-9331(now closed) is the same complaint. Picture submitted then.

Closed CR-10052 03/31/20 Graffiti on Public Property 11202 LINDALOA LN

Graffiti on block wall at end of street.
Appears to be black paint on wall.

In Progress CR-10051 03/31/20 Abandoned Furniture 12702 ADELLE ST

Abandoned furniture ( recorded on camera)

received CR-10050 03/31/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 10592 LINNELL AVE

A ugly18 foot boat Had been park on the street for 6 months. It seem like non operation. It was not looks nice on the neighborhood . Very time street clean , they moved and park back. Could you please double check.

In Progress CR-10049 03/31/20 Potholes on a Public Street 9501 CHAPMAN AVE

many potholes onto gilbert

In Progress CR-10048 03/30/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint EUCLID ST / GARDEN GROVE BLVD

The Vietnamese coffee cafe facing GG Blvd in the strip mall allowing seating

In Progress CR-10047 03/30/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 8671 ORANGEWOOD AVE

Not only is the storage of trash in their back yard a health and fire hazard, both structures, the dilapidated house and barn in disrepair are a serious violation of the Building Code and have not been properly maintained.

Closed CR-10046 03/30/20 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 13561 PARTRIDGE ST

Car parked on grass

Closed CR-10042 03/30/20 Graffiti on Public Property TRASK AVE / YOCKEY ST

Graffitti underneath 22 freeway bridge on Yockey St.

Closed CR-10041 03/30/20 Water 10852 LINNELL AVE

There seems to be a water leak on the street in front of 10852 Linnell Ave where the black top and sidewalk concrete meet.

Closed CR-10040 03/30/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12781 TOPAZ ST

Adult male soccer leagues continue to come to Edgar Park and play during this COVID 19 time when we’re supposed to NOT gather in groups. I’m older with comprised lung issues and am even staying away from my grandchildren who live four blocks away. Shouldn’t these team games be suspended in res...

In Progress CR-10039 03/30/20 Abandoned Furniture 11282 LAURIANNE LN

Mattress dumped Thurs 3/26/20. Residents at 11282 Laurianne are renters and ignore.

Closed CR-10038 03/30/20 Graffiti on Public Property HILTON ST / LAMPSON AVE

graffiti on the pole on the corner of Lampson / Lewis

Closed CR-10037 03/30/20 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 13161 GILBERT ST

driveway expansion - is it illegal to expand the 2 cars driveway to 4/5 cars driveway, especially on the main street? If not, I like to expand mine.

Closed CR-10035 03/29/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11822 GILBERT ST

many wal-mart shopping carts abandoned

In Progress CR-10034 03/29/20 Inoperative Vehicle on Property 11222 PALMWOOD DR

5 inoperable cars in driveway and one on the walkway to the home

In Progress CR-10032 03/29/20 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 9061 IMPERIAL AVE

two motorhomes parked in the driveway with a man and woman living in them. The house is unlivable and has been sitting and rotting for years, the side yard is full of junk on each side, one with a broke down car been sitting there for years. People have complained about this numerous times but no...

Closed CR-10031 03/29/20 Graffiti on Public Property ALLARD AVE / ANZIO ST

A lot of Red Graffiti. more to the left as well

In Progress CR-10030 03/29/20 Abandoned Furniture 11282 LAURIANNE LN

The pictured mattress has been dumped near the listed address. Please remove when possible. Thank you.

In Progress CR-10025 03/28/20 Abandoned Furniture 13052 CYPRESS ST

Abandoned furniture by side of house next to auto dealership side.

Closed CR-10024 03/28/20 Graffiti on Public Property IMPERIAL AVE / JESSICA DR

Graffiti all over sign by street corner.

Closed CR-10023 03/28/20 Graffiti on Public Property HOPE ST / IMPERIAL AVE

Graffiti all over stop sign by street corner.

Closed CR-10022 03/28/20 Graffiti on Public Property DAKOTA AVE / HOPE ST

Graffiti all over stop sign by street corner.

Closed CR-10021 03/28/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 13036 CYPRESS ST

Graffiti in many locations on backside of building along public alley access.

Closed CR-10020 03/28/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 8891 HOPI RD

Neighbor (8892 Orangewood Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841) fencing has fallen onto my property (8891 Hopi Road, Garden Grove, CA 92841). Attempts to negotiate with neighbor to resolve fencing issue has reached an impasse. I am reaching to city officials to request a mandate the neighbors remove the...

Closed CR-10019 03/28/20 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / WEST ST

Its in between west st and rockinghorse rd
Fronting garden grove blvd if coming from city hall in euclid past los sanchez restaurant after rockinghorse rd the gated community sycamore walk outer wall before west street on your right close to the bus stop

Closed CR-10017 03/28/20 Graffiti on Public Property DOWNIE PL / RANCHERO PL

Graffiti on painted block wall block wall corner north east corner of Downie pl an Ranchero pl.

In Progress CR-10016 03/28/20 Park Maintenance 11700 SEACREST DR

Faylane Park: The sprinklers around the horseshoe area have been on for days.

In Progress CR-10015 03/28/20 Parking on an Unpaved Surface 13202 ROCKINGHORSE RD

2 to 3 vehicles parked on lawn almost all the time, they have even moved the cement parking barriers to the lawn instead of the driveway.

In Progress CR-10014 03/27/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 8345 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

This place known as ‘King Billiard’ is not adhering to shutdown as a non-essential business. I have seen a gathering of 10-15 people even after the orders for social distancing and staying home (week of 3/16). I have seen a line of cars parked in front of the business multiple times as I drove to...

Closed CR-10012 03/27/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint GARDEN GROVE BLVD / HARBOR BLVD

People selling produce in parking lot out of van in the Wells Fargo lot. Also a food truck in Fairview/Garden Grove has tables set out for people to eat in lot of liquor store

In Progress CR-10011 03/27/20 Abandoned Furniture 10071 15TH ST

Someone left a queen-sized mattress on the left side of 10071 15th street by a white gate.

In Progress CR-10010 03/27/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12142 MANLEY ST

3/27/2020 Playing loud music, am trying to work from home and the music is too loud. Please tell them to turn it down or off. They have been doing this several days in a row. I prefer to remain anonymous on this complaint; I don't want them to know its me complaining. Thank you.

Closed CR-10009 03/27/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint CHAPMAN AVE / HASTER ST

Why does the old Weinersnitzel building not have to have a fence around it while under construction for the new De Anda Tacos? Everywhere like the Thai place seems to have fences to keep people out while they are working on the inside & out. Cut down on graffiti & homeless sleeping all around it....

Closed CR-10008 03/27/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts ALLARD AVE / ANZIO ST

Shopping cart on sidewalk behind palm tree.

In Progress CR-10007 03/27/20 Converted garage or accessory structure to living unit 10072 MELODY PARK DR

About 3 years ago they converted two bedrooms on the right side of their house into separate living units and had tenants living in them. They installed a shed next to these units which was used as a kitchen. As of yesterday, they just started constructing addition living space onto the shed. Wer...

Closed CR-10006 03/27/20 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 13151 GILBERT ST

illegal expand drive way and front yard hardscape is over half allow for front yard landscape per city code.

In Progress CR-10005 03/27/20 Abandoned Furniture DAVIT AVE / WARD ST

Abandon Piano left on the side of the street

Closed CR-10004 03/27/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts BROOKHURST ST / CHAPMAN AVE

Shopping cart in Union bank parking lot

In Progress CR-10003 03/27/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 11952 MAC MURRAY ST

Already filed complaint about this but problem has not gone away. It is a rooster that keeps waking me up at around 5 am to 6 am. It will crow ever few minutes. Animal control was called but problem persists

Closed CR-10002 03/26/20 Street Signs 12942 PEARCE ST

Guard rail and caution sign have fallen down in the alley/drainage ditch just of PEARCE St.

In Progress CR-10000 03/26/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 12942 PEARCE ST

Graffiti on block wall back in the garage off the alley

In Progress CR-9999 03/26/20 Abandoned Furniture 13002 SIEMON AVE

Someone has aBandoned microwave on the corner of Garden Grove Boulevard and Simone Avenue

In Progress CR-9998 03/26/20 Abandoned Furniture 9382 VONS DR

Please remove the pictured mattresses when possible. They have been at the front of the listed address for multiple weeks now. Thank you.

Closed CR-9997 03/26/20 Graffiti on Public Property ALLARD AVE / ANZIO ST

Big green graffiti on side Of the Brick fence.

Closed CR-9996 03/26/20 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter CENTRAL AVE / NEWLAND ST

Sidewalks are upheeded along Central on the north side of that street just west of Newland Street. I have reported this safety issue numerous times over that past 10 months. please need your help. I will take pics and send next week.

In Progress CR-9995 03/26/20 Abandoned Furniture 8633 STANFORD AVE

We have proof of someone dumped this couch
2 days ago ( recorded on camera)

Closed CR-9992 03/25/20 Water 14202 HOPE ST


About a month ago there were work being done around my neighborhood and my water line was shut off temporarily. Not sure exactly what was being repaired but it looked like they were doing work underground. I noticed that the water pressure to my house is really low since then and was wonde...

Closed CR-9991 03/25/20 Graffiti on Public Property 14202 HOPE ST

Hi. There are graffiti on the side of my wall facing the street of morningside. I was just curious if the city would be taking care of this or am I suppose to contact my landlord in regards to having it remove?

Thank you for your time.

Closed CR-9990 03/25/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 12300 EDISON WAY

Stayed the faculty is closed due to corona virus and has a full staff of warehouse and call center working. Workers who asked to leave are being told no pay if they do not come in and cannot use sick or vacation pay during these times.

Closed CR-9989 03/25/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 11111 GILBERT ST

Car blocking my driveway often. Same rude and disrespectful neighbor blocking my driveway. One parking ticket could fi x the problem or matters will ejaculate. BLACK BMW MAKING IT HARD TO EXIT AND ENTER MY DRIVEWAY. PLEASE SEND PARKING ENFORCEMENT I'M TIRED OF DEALING WITH THIS PERSON.

Closed CR-9988 03/25/20 Graffiti on Public Property CYPRESS ST / GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Yellow gang graffiti

Closed CR-9987 03/25/20 Abandoned Shopping Carts 13051 CYPRESS ST

Red shopping cart

Closed CR-9986 03/25/20 Traffic Signals HARBOR BLVD / LAMPSON AVE

The green light on the main traffic light on the southbound Harbor Blvd is out. The one on the corner sporadically works.

received CR-9984 03/25/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 9701 MAUREEN DR

This house has generated multiple police calls and harbors numerous transients. The owner has been contacted about properly securing home but has not done anything about it. Property has substandard housing conditions and deteriorate roofs. Due to the poor roofing, it has become wet and damp ins...

Closed CR-9982 03/24/20 Abandoned Furniture 9109 LAMPSON AVE

abandoned sofa on sidewalk in front of large utility boxes. Location is north side of Lampson Ave.

Closed CR-9981 03/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13112 CYPRESS ST

Graffiti on telephone pole at south end of apartment complex.

Closed CR-9980 03/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13112 CYPRESS ST

Black graffiti on sidewalk in TWO LOCATIONS in front of this building. Attaching a photo of one location.

Closed CR-9979 03/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property CYPRESS ST / HAMMONTREE DR

Green graffiti on sidewalk.

Closed CR-9978 03/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property CYPRESS ST / HAMMONTREE DR

Pink graffiti on wall facing street.

Closed CR-9977 03/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13051 CYPRESS ST

ON SIDEWALK ACROSS THE STREET FROM 13051 Cypress Street. Loco Mexican Style Graffiti in two locations on sidewalk.

Closed CR-9976 03/24/20 Graffiti on Public Property 13032 CYPRESS ST

Graffiti on sidewalk in front of Tran’s Auto Registration.

Closed CR-9975 03/24/20 Other Public Works Issues 8502 DAVMOR AVE

Today you replaced all the street signs on our street. Thank you for the effort but someone screwed up. As you can see from the picture below the spelling of "DAVMOR" is now "DAVMORE". Someone printed out all the signs with an "E" at the end. This will become an issue as the postal service h...

Closed CR-9973 03/24/20 Business in Residential Zone 13458 HARBOR BLVD

Electric meter area

In Progress CR-9972 03/24/20 Other Code Enforcement Complaint 11161 Woodbury Rd

There is 3 non permited add on rooms in the back of the 11161 Woodbury Road house.

Closed CR-9968 03/23/20 Other Public Works Issues 8861 ORANGEWOOD AVE

Near the old rail road tracks, on a pole. The door to the signal/electrical/cable is open. Door swings open in the wind. Looks like the lock is intact, just not latched and locked? Pole #PS3332

Closed CR-9966 03/23/20 Graffiti on Public Property GARDEN GROVE BLVD / HASTER ST

Graffiti on freeway wall

Closed CR-9964 03/23/20 Graffiti on Public Property FLOWER ST / RUSSELL AVE

Loco Mexican Style graffiti on back of stop sign. Also red graffiti on retaining wall across the street.

Closed CR-9962 03/23/20 Abandoned Furniture CYPRESS ST / HAMMONTREE DR

Mattress and other items

In Progress CR-9961 03/23/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 10612 TRASK AVE

Blue griffin wall facing street. Close to Mitchell Elementary School. Please remove. Thank you!

Closed CR-9960 03/23/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 10592 TRASK AVE

Yellow paint on wall facing street.

Closed CR-9959 03/23/20 Storage of Debris/ junk on private property 10462 TRASK AVE

Graffiti on side of building facing Trask Avenue.

Closed CR-9958 03/23/20 Graffiti on Public Property FRANCES AVE / WESTLAKE ST

Blue LMS? graffiti on sidewalk in front of corner home on Westlake Street by Frances Street intersection. ALSO, please also remove black graffiti on same side of street a few homes to the south if this one. Thank you!