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Nov 26, 2019: City Council Meeting

0h 24m 12s INVOCATION
0h 25m 5s Proclamation GG Regional Library 50th anniversary
0h 26m 8s Community Spotlight: Sabrosa
0h 32m 5s Community Spotlight: 2019 Miss Garden Grove
0h 40m 33s Community Spotlight: GG Library 50th anniversary
0h 45m 45s Written request from West Garden Grove Youth Baseball for co-sponsorship of the 2020 Opening Day Parade (Cost: $2,200)
0h 47m 44s CONSENT ITEMS
0h 48m 49s Approval of second amendment to Steelcraft lease
1h 36m 34s RECESS
1h 44m 48s Approval of agreements for the sale of vacated Brdady Way and maintenance of remaining street
1h 58m 30s Second Reading of Ordinance No. 2911
1h 59m 34s ERP Subcommittee Update